MAY 2008

My dear American Friends:                  
"JESUS WAS A HOMELESS, wasn't He?" was what one of our children said, when I was talking about Jesus' saying "Foxes have holes and the birds have nests, but the Son of Man has nowhere to lay His Head.(Lk 9: 58)" And He was right.  Somehow I never quite equated Homeless and Jesus, but it is true that Jesus had no Home.  One time, He had at least five thousand audience, but they started to scatter when Jesus started to talk about the crucifixion.  Perhaps Jesus intended for us to scatter...scatter to spread the Good News to the end of the World.  The Church in Jerusalem was never quite so large as some of the Churches in Korea... but it kept spreading through Europe, and to America and even to Korea!  So, in a way, we are thankful that Jesus was homeless.  

Actually, our children were happy to hear and think Jesus as a homeless person, because most of our children were homeless. The dogs had boxes, the birds had cages, but our children were sleeping in the railroad stations, subway stops and in the toilets., until they reached our Home.  Even today, they don't have much spaces and sleep like sardines in a can, but they are warm and have private pillows.  Most of all, they are loved by God and loved by all of us, that is, all of our workers.  Especially our babies are hugged by every visitors and I am not sure if our babies want to be loved that much, but they are being good Christians and keep smiling.  In fact, they were practising to be hugged, as the CHILDREN'S DAY WAS COMING ON MAY 5.  

Actually, the PARENTS' DAY follows in May after the Children's day, and then TEACHERS' day.  And somewhere in between are Buddha's birthday and the Laborer's day.  Usually Buddha's birthday has lanterns all over the places and often cause fire and on Laborer's day, lots of people come out to the streets with clubs.  On PARENTS' DAY, I USED TO HAVE HARD TIME TO PREACH TO OUR CHILDREN.  What can I say about the Parents' Love to the children who never knew their parents?  In fact, I didn't preach about Parents to our children on Parents' day, but now I preach.  I preach, first of all, that all parents loved their children whether they are dead or alive.  Secondly, that they, our children, need to become good Christian parents when they grow up.  Thirdly, that my wife and I  love them, but most of all God loves them.  

In fact, on Children's day, my wife, KOOK JA, RECEIVED A MEDAL from our government for her work. Officially, it's called "Meritorious Medal of Camellia" and I am sending you a photograph. Camellia usually bloom in winter when it is cold and she provided shelters or rather became shelters for many children who were shivering in cold outside. And I guess that's why they gave her a medal. After all, this world is like a big orphanage. There are many orphans, big and small, who either lost their physical parents or spiritual father, shivering and crying in cold outside.  I am glad that God gave us a privilege to run a physical orphanage and spiritual orphanage, His Church.

If you ever have a chance to come to visit our Home, there is something that I want to show you.  Actually, you can not miss it as it is on the outside wall of our Home.  It is our children's creation of God's World.  Actually, our children say that it's God's world, but I really can not explain it...just a bunch of pictures and colours.  I guess that's God's world!  I guess this world is like a piece of God's gigantic puzzle.  You can not see the whole picture with one piece of puzzle.  Our life also  has bunch of sad moments and disappointing incidents.  But THAT'S ONLY ONE PIECE OF PUZZLE...just like one piece of the Cross.  And one piece of the Cross can not explain the whole scheme of redemption through the death of Jesus Christ!  One kind of popular insurance in Korea today is a kind of death insurance where the insurance company pay the cost of the funeral to the remaining family.  One man asked for a kind of insurance that he can get the money, rather than the family, when he dies. There is one, but it's rather expensive. It costs one's life.  Fortunately, Jesus paid it with His Life, so that we can get the Eternal Life. You might say that I HAVE A TRUE LIFE INSURANCE! That's a part of what I wrote in a Christian Newspaper the other day, and I received lots of inquiries about that kind of Insurance!  Thank you for introducing a true Life insurance to us.
Yours because of Calvary,

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