May 2009

My dear American Friends:

It may be THE OLDEST AND THE BEST CHOIR in the world. One project I had in mind as I became the President of the Senior Pastors' Association was to organize a SENIOR PREACHERS' CHOIR, so it started last month. Their average age is 80 and the oldest member is 88 and they are good singers as most of them used to be Choir directors in their Church. We decided to use up our talents for the Lord. I am afraid that I don't have much talent except preaching through wind and storm and this is that season, so I plan to organize a preaching team in the park. The Church folks need Gospel preaching, but those people in the park need Gospel preaching more. In parks, we don't have very good audience. They may come and go and sometimes throw banters or even rocks. Or sometimes you may have no audience and we keep preaching to wind and trees. I used to teach at our Bible College, sermons which I called "EARTH-WORM-SERMONS." They say that earth-worms can grow up to full new worms no matter which part of it is being cut. It is a kind of sermon packed with the core of Christian Gospel in every words and every sentence. So that no matter how much of the sermon they take Home, it can still be stretched to full sermons. I may even name the preaching team Earth-worm-group.

After I baptized nine of our children on Easter, a few more wanted to be baptized, so our baptistry and my body have been in use for several weeks. I like to baptize my children, and I AIM TO BAPTIZE MY CHILDREN MYSELF NO MATTER HOW OLD I get. I am usually called "father" by my children, but I always felt unworthy as a father, so I am happy when I connect them to our Heavenly Father. FAITH ON THE HEAVENLY FATHER, I feel, IS THE BEST GIFT that I can give to my children.

A few years ago, after an evangelistic meeting in Africa, I baptized 11 people in a creek. Between third and fourth baptism, I felt something sting on my leg. I found out that they were leeches. Truly it was bloody baptism. Also a few years ago, I baptized a few North Koreans in China near to the North Korean border. We baptized in a hotel bath tub hiding from the watchful eyes of the Chinese police and North Korean agents. The tub was not wide enough to immerse, but somehow we were able to crumple the bodies to baptize. No one was hurt at that time, but after they returned to North Korea, we heard that they were captured by the North Korean police and TORTURED TO DEATH. Also, at the hotel, they, the North Koreans, saw the toilet and said "How fortunate you are, having a well in the house!" They thought that IT WAS A HOUSE WELL and thought of many miles they had to walk to the Community well in North Korea. We were just glad that they did not drink from it nor offered us to drink.

Influenza A reached Korea also. And World is trembling. To me, it is nothing strange because it is already predicted in the Word of God. All we have to do is to prepare, in body as well as in spirit and soul, for the Second Coming of Jesus Christ. From my knowledge of the Revelation, it seems to me that this world will end either by these strange and fast spreading viruses or by the nuclear explosions, which actually is the RESULT OF EATING THE TREE OF KNOWLEDGE at Garden of Eden.

May has many memorial days in our country. We have Children's day, Parents' day, Teachers' day and many others. Only the Children's day is holiday and we plan to take our children to an amusement park. There will be millions of children there, because the children are free of charges on that day, and we may go crazy keeping our 80 children together, but our children are dying to go, so WE PLAN TO GO CRAZY AGAIN. Actually, we are pleading our government to separate Father's day and Mother's day, as we want to see Fathers honoring Mothers, and Mothers giving flowers to Fathers too. Also our Senior Ministers are drawing up a petition to make Grandparents' day. Not that we want to be honored, but we hope today's young people will pay more attention to the teaching and warning of the older generation. In fact, the topic of my sermons on the Children's day as well as Korean war memorial day is from Jesus' Words of "WEEP FOR YOUR CHILDREN (Lk 23: 28)"
Yours because of Calvary,

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