May 2010

My dear American Friends:                            
It seems that spring is finally here and we see pink azaleas and yellow forsythias on the roadsides. Soon our hills will be covered with cherry blossoms, and then acacia flowers all over our Home. There were times when we ate azaleas and acacia flowers, but now our children just enjoy seeing them. Our God's world is so beautiful when we all live in peace. However, I am afraid that Korean peace is still A HALF-PEACE, as you see in the enclosed picture, a sight-seeing bus under a probably read about one of our Navy-ships sunk recently, possibly by one of the North Korean submarines. We feel that we need to spread this Gospel of our Lord's Peace quicker and wider. We need your prayers more than ever before.
May is full of special days for our children. It starts with the Children's Day. All the national parks and amusement parks are free for children on that day and our children are planning to tour several parks. Leading them or following them will probably kill me, so I am trying to persuade them to go to the ball parks instead where I can at least sit down for a while. There were times when I could out-run our children or even coach their ball-games. But now, they are coaching me even to run my life. I guess, children are not 'incomplete adults', as we often look at them. In fact, Jesus said, "Permit the children to come to me....for the Kingdom of God belongs to such as these." Jesus saw that children are the ones qualified to go to Heaven. HE WAS NEVER TOO BUSY TO MEET AND TALK TO THE CHILDREN.
We are usually too busy to talk to the children. I confess that I am often guilty of it, although my reason is that I have too many children. Or sometimes we ignore the children's questions saying that 'they will understand when they grow up' etc. Sometimes, the parents scold the children for not catching up as they walk the streets...even for not holding the adults' hands right. The adults are tall so it's no problem holding the child's hand, but for the children who are smaller, it's not always easy to hold tall people's hand. HOW WOULD YOU FEEL IF YOU HAVE TO WALK AROUND THE CITY WITH YOUR HAND RAISED UP ALL THE TIME. So the children's point of view is also important and that's what I am trying to emphasize as I talk to the teachers and parents on Children's Day.
Mothers' Day is not far away. I always had a hard time trying to preach to our children on Mothers' Day. How can you explain the mothers' love when children do not know their mothers. So when they get lonesome, I encourage them to go to play with the babies. When they play with the babies, the babies are so lovely that they get to learn THE PAIN OF AND THE LOVE OF THEIR MOTHERS who had to leave their children by some inevitable reasons (sickness, death, etc.) That's how I learned about my own mother's love who went to heaven when I was 9. In fact, my father also left me, when I was 18, to go to Heaven being captured by the occupying communists. And his last words, as he was being led by the captors, were "God, please take care of these children." And God took care of his nine children through the war and many mountains after that. His nine children are still alive and well, in their 70s and 80s and serving the Lord actively.
Talking about mountains, I never forget the story of Mr. Molley who tried to conquer Mt. Everest three times and failed. At his funeral, one of the survivors of the doomed third expedition concluded his obituary, facing a huge picture of Mt. Everest, shouting, "I speak to you, Mt. Everest. You defeated us many times, but we shall someday defeat you, because YOU CAN'T GET ANY BIGGER AND WE CAN!"
Yours because of Calvary,

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