May 2011

My dear American Friends:

I plan to entitle my next book for the Youth, "YOUNG PEOPLE WHO SHOOT THE SUN." (I try to publish one book every year. The last year's title was "There is no waste in life") It comes from an old Formosan legend. It says that there used to be two suns and the world was unbearably hot because of them. So many young men started out, with bows and arrows, to shoot one sun, but nobody succeeded. One young man decided to finish the task, but first he got married, and had a son born to him. He strapped the son on his back and started out. When he got old, the son grew up... he again got married and bore a son, strapped him on his back and started... and so on, for several generations. That's how they were able to reach one Sun, they say, and shot it down. And that's why we now have only one sun, they say. It's only a fable story, but the story is a challenge to me and I hope that it will challenge many young people.

We have raised more than one thousand children through Geon Christian Children's Home. And I am begging to see that some of the children I strapped on my back are beginning to take over some of my task. Many became ministers and missionaries (and one of the reasons may be that I encouraged them to go to the Bible Colleges giving them scholarships... remember I was a Bible College President for many years). Two of them earned Doctorate degree and teaching at our Christian University. Five of them became missionaries and two of them started orphanages in the fields. (In fact, one of them died while preaching). Seven of them became Social workers and serving the children at Children's Homes. In fact, some of them never married. They say that they were too busy to get married, but some of them, I know, that they didn't want to lose the touch the way orphans feel. And also I am very proud of everyone of them who became good Christian wives and husbands! Hurrah for them! I am proud of them and I cheer them, because I know how difficult it is for orphans to achieve something in the Korean society!

I also wish to talk a little bit about my son, John Wooshik CHAE, one of the strapped babies on my back. He grew up also, about to finish his study and is about to assist me in my work. Presently, he is serving a Korean Church in USA while finishing his degrees. In a recent meeting, he mentioned "My father used to say 'I SHALL BE PREACHING THIS GOSPEL TO THE LAST BREATH OF MY LIFE' and that is also my goal." So, I believe that he will join me one of this days. In fact, I have been praying "Lord, make me die at the pulpit" and I believe that he will be right there, trying to finish up my sermon when I fall. However, in order to learn all the phases of our work, Children's Home, Christian University, Broadcasting, Publishing, Church work and what not, it probably will take him more than several years. In the mean time, he has to finish his study (Korean government requires Doctorate degree to teach at a University), so he will probably be working in several countries like I did. If you need a missionary speaker, or even a temporary bilingual pastor, he is ready.

May is a month with Children's day, Parents' day, Teachers' day in Korea, and I felt that the stories like these, of my children, might be appropriate, but really the preaching of the Gospel is never ending task, isn't it! One thing I know, this world is hungry and thirsty after the preaching of the Gospel! A defector (from North Korea) friend of mine who spent sometime in a North Korean concentration camp wrote me this story the other day. He said that prisoners search for the cigarette butts which the North Korean guards throw away. Of course, they will be punished for it (actually they are punished for anything and everything), but they still look for them. They look for cigarette butts, NOT TO SMOKE THEM, BUT TO READ A LITTLE BITS OF NEWS ON THE CIGARETTE PAPERS. In North Korea, they are so short of paper that they use newspapers to roll cigarettes, so they want to read whatever news written on the cigarette papers. That's how they are hungry for outside news. And of course, they will die for the Good news, like the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. May God bless you and all the strapped babies for this purpose!

Yours because of Calvary,


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