May 2012

My dear American Friends:

To us, Christians, 'life' and 'death' doesn't make much difference. On Easter Sunday, I told a story about a Korean immigrant to America who just opened a hamburger shop. He didn't understand much English. One time, a burglar came and with a pistol in his hand, shouted, "I am a burglar." But the Korean shop owner didn't know what 'burglar' meant. He thought that the burglar ordered a burger. So he asked back "what kind of burger?" The burglar finally gave up saying "How can I rob a person who doesn't know what I said!" To Christians, who don't care life or death, EVEN SATAN WILL GIVE UP!

Some one asked me how many miles North Korean defectors have to travel. Of course, North Korea is northern side of South Korea. And Seoul, the capital of Korea is only 20 miles from the border so actually there is no mileage, but in between South and North Korea, there is what's called DMZ, 3 miles of mined off-limit area, so the defectors can not come this way. They have to travel North to the Chinese border. In the first place, in North Korea, private traveling is forbidden. Even if you want to visit the next door neighbor village, you have to have a governmental permit. So traveling to the Chinese border itself is A LIFE-RISKING ADVENTURE. And then, there is Yaru river, you have to cross it either by swimming or walking on frozen river, of course, risking their lives, because they will be shot immediately whenever they are spotted by the border guard.

And then China is a big country and traveling from the border to South Korea would be like walking across USA. There are buses, trains and even planes. But no matter where you go in China, Communist police and North Korean agents are searching for these defectors. So they walk most of the way, without having money or friends, they have to either beg their way, or for women, they have to find temporary husband. And that's how some of our children were born... born in the jungle of human beings, you might say.

In the course of traveling, they miss many things. Education is one and nutrition is another. They also pick up a couple of things too... local language is one and FAITH IS ANOTHER. Once a while, they meet Christians and get help and learn about Christian faith. Many of our missionaries are spread all over China and wait for them. These missionaries never call themselves 'minister' or 'missionary.' They call themselves ‘teacher' or 'businessman,' but they are great workers. One a while, they are picked up by the police and imprisoned, but as soon as they are released, they are right back where they were and continue helping defectors.

Talking about Korean missionaries, there are at least two more subjects Korean missionaries learn before they go to the fields. They are kind of subjects that Christian Colleges usually do not offer. One is TAIK-WON-DO and another is ACUPUNCTURE. Taikwondo is helpful not only to find a chance to teach, but also to support their lives. Acupuncture is very helpful in evangelisation. When you see a man with long needles, you better believe in God!

May is full of special days. it begins with Children's day, and then Parents' day, teachers' day and what not. We somehow do not have Grand-parents' day, and I suggested it to to my children and they said, "What for? We don't have grandfather!" In our Home, everybody, even babies, call me 'father' and I like being called 'father.' Someday, when I am upstairs, I would be happy, if someone writes on my tombstone 'MANY CHILDREN'S FATHER.'

Please pray for;

1. Many North Korean defectors that they may safely find 'freedom'.

2. Korean missionaries who are saving and helping these defectors.

3. Our children of Geon Home on Children's day and us, Chaes, on Parents' day.

Yours because of Calvary,


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