May 2013

My dear American Friends:

You may have never seen a CHURCH WITH A PUBLIC BATH TUB. There are Churches with a library or a tea-house, but usually not a public bath tub. But I know one in Korea. In fact, I am helping one. It's a handicapped people's Church. And there are many Church members who need help taking baths. Of course, you may know that there are many public bath house in Asian countries, especially in countries like Korea or Japan where there are not a few hot springs. I used to take our children to a neighbor public bath house and the owner usually complained that they have to change water again and often after our bunch went through.

Anyway, that particular Church in the country built a bath tub, and the Church members come to Church to clean not only their souls, but also their bodies. Not only that, in that Church, everybody, handicapped or not, have chances to serve others, as they help washing in the public bath tub. So, everybody will come out of Church clean inside and out. What I am helping is to help pay the fuel to heat the water, wood in this case. So, you might say that we help to burn the wood to BURN THE DIRT AND SIN AWAY.

Actually, I often feel that burning away is so much easier than planting. PLANTING LOVE, for instance, in the heart of people is so much more difficult. Sometimes, I suffer and even cry facing the wall in the heart of children. I want to love them and I want to let them know that I love them. But in the heart of some children who had been rejected by the world so long and so many times, there is sort of invisible wall. One thing I usually do, in addition to lots of hugging and patting, is doing what they do... like playing what they are playing or talking lying down if they are lying down or eating what they are eating, even if it's dirt. One time, a girl gave me a chewed up chewing gum, and I chewed. And we became special friends.

Frankly, I always had hard time preaching to our children on Mothers' day. In fact, I did not preach Mothers' day sermon to our children for several years. WHAT CAN YOU SAY ABOUT MOTHER'S LOVE TO THOSE CHILDREN WHO DON'T KNOW MOTHER'S LOVE? And then I started to talk about Jesus' Mother's love and then Jesus' Love to them and usually ended with advise that "you should become good fathers and mothers." But then I heard a comment of an older child who started to take care of the babies. She said, "I used to hate my mother who died and left me when I was only a baby. But now, as I begin to take care of these lovely babies, I think of my mother's pain having to leave me, I am beginning to love her very much.

After all, there is not much differences between 'LIVING AND LOVING.' Person can not live without loving someone or being loved by someone. Our children, even if they don't say it, they are starving for love. In fact, people all over the world are starving for love. If only they can see the Love of God... if only they can feel the Love of God... and that is the Home work of Christians to show God's Love to them. One time, I had a surgery on my neck and preached on Sunday with protectors around my neck and that was the Sunday I had the most converts.

My son's wedding is over and their seven years' old love boat left the port. Thanks to all of you who prayed, sent gifts and even attended the wedding. And please keep on praying for them and their future ministry. Also please continue to pray for the Korean situation. It seems that North Korean dictator is too scared to start the fire work, but they are still threatening with nuclear missiles in one hand and Korean sky is still clouded.

Yours because of Calvary,


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