May 2015

My Dear American Friends:

In the weddings which I preside, I usually hold communion services. I feel that the best pledge of new couples are the pledges made by the blood of Jesus. So, I hold communion services. And of course, I serve communion to Christians who are about to die. Some do not like it, as some may not be ready, but it is not dying ceremony at all. It is ‘LIVING CEREMONY’ knowing that our souls will not be there anymore… our souls will be flying toward God, our Father! So, like a poet said, “Don’t cry in my tomb! I am not there!” In fact, that was my sermon title for Easter morning.

Some Churches share boiled eggs on Easter morning, some Korean Churches serve rice cakes, some Churches even share sushi. I lived in the generation when our Church members brought bags of barley (as it is about barley harvest season) or even a live chicken tied to the barley bags. During the services, the chickens often preached their own sermons. I imagine their sermons were as effective as the rooster’s sermon toward Peter when Jesus was arrested.

You may have some family-oriented holidays in the month of May. We in Korea have more. For instance, the first Sunday is ‘Children’s Day,’ the second Sunday is ‘Parents Day,’ the third Sunday is ‘Teacher’s Day,’ and the last Sunday, we are trying to make ‘Grandparents day,’ so that every Sunday of May is a holiday to celebrate. In the US, the big holiday is Mother’s Day. For my mother’s day sermon, I plan to preach on the following qualities of love: Wide Love, Easy Love, Long Love, and Deep Love. The first letters of each of those words spell out “WELD” as in “WELD THE FAMILY.” For my children’s day sermon for our children, I often preach from Joel 2:5, which says, “I will repay you for the years the locusts have eaten.” Our children have had many “LOCUST EATEN YEARS” in their lives, and God says, “I will repay you.” Sometimes, I see tears in our children’s eyes when I read to them this Scripture.

But the Scripture our children love the most is Isa. 43:1-2. “YOU ARE MINE.” It means a lot to the children who don’t know whom their real parents are! It means especially a lot to those mixed blood children (possibly between American soldiers and Korean women). I cannot deny that there may be some more difficulties in their lives than the other children. We have raised a few of them and they grew up to be fine preachers and missionaries, but one of them confessed to me some of his difficulties and told me how this scripture verse gave him strength when I preaching on it in one of my sermons.

I am temporarily in the US for our mission board meeting and to attend my son’s commencement service as he received his Doctor of Missiology degree from Western Seminary. Thank you all who prayed and helped for this accomplishment and thank God!

Yours because of Calvary,


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