May 2016

My Dear American Friends:

I am back in Korea to continue working.

May is a FLOWERY MONTH. It starts with Children's day followed by the Parents' day, followed by the Teachers' day and what not, and my coat is usually decorated by the flowers that the children pin. The flowers can be real flowers or flowers that our children made with papers, drawn with crayons or made with note-book papers or even with toilet paper. But no matter what they are made of, to me, they are prettier than the medals that our national President gave to me and more precious too.

But on Parents' day, I hesitate what to preach to our children. What do you say, to the children, who don't know "Parents' love." I usually end up saying that "you have to grow up to be good parents," and try to explain what 'good parents' mean. But even before, I say anything, our older children remember some love stories of their (deceased) parents. One that I always remember is something like "My mom used to sleep outside of mosquito net 'because the net was too small' or a mother saying '''I am not hungry' while children are eating, because there were not enough food.'"

And on Teachers' day, I am usually decorated by my students old or young, but I would rather give flowers to the children, because, like a poet said, "CHILDREN ARE THE PARENTS OF ADULTS." All children eventually become parents and what they learn growing up make what kinds of parents they will be, when they grow. They are the future. They are the future parents! No, they are the parents of the parents! One other thing that our children usually do on 'Parents day' is to go visiting the lonely parents in the neighbourhood, with flowers. This custom became annual events of our Home. They dress up pretty and become one day grandson or daughters doing all kinds of errands in their houses. Actually, our children prepare for this events days and months ahead and of course, they are thinking of their own parents.

The rest of the month has Buddha's birthday, Labor day and what not, and they are also full of flowers or demonstrational fire-works, but I usually keep preaching on with scriptures such as the way Bible says that Jesus grew up. Luke 2: 52 "Jesus grew in wisdom and stature, and in favor with God and men."

What I am promoting is to set up 'NATIONAL GRAND PARENTS DAY.' I even wrote, with the other Christian leaders, to the President of the Nation, because I feel that grandparents are the ones to be appreciated and recognized. Besides, like Jesus predicted to Peter "When you are old...someoone else...may lead you where you do not want to go." Jesus may have never experianced the old age, but he knew and ends with kind and encouraging words (Jn 21: 19) "follow me." The path may lead to the Cross, but after all, 'dying for Christ and the children' is the wish of all preachers and all fathers and all grand-parents, and it is the wishes of mine also.

Please pray for;

1, Our babies and their health. We, now, have 14 babies all around one year olds.

2. Our Gospel broadcasting that my voice and energy will continue to touch the North Korean hearts.

3. Kook Ja (Mrs. Chae) may need to be operated (her back).


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