May 2017

My Dear American Friends:

I believe that Geon Christian Children's Home is the happiest place on earth, not because it is nice area, not because my wife and I and the other workers are nice people to get along with (you would be surprised how often we fight), but because we have many children, especially many babies, and Jesus said "Suffer the little children come unto me and forbid them not: for of such is the Kingdom of God."

Besides, children of these years have the best memory. Xavier (I am not sure of the spelling) the first missionary to Japan said "Give me four year olds and younger, and I will give you a Christian nation." He felt that if only he could educate the children Christian way, he could change Japan!" Maybe if Japan had listened to Xavier, things would be different now. That's why we just started the Sunday School class for three years old babies at our Home...may be the first of this kind.

I have come back to Korea, as the situation in Korea is getting tense and dangerous! I may go back in a few months to visit Churches some more. In the old times, when I was much younger, I used to travel by the Greyhound buses, and sometimes, if it was necessary, I slept even in the bus depots, but now, even traveling is getting so complicated, we can hardly catch up. So, please wait for me some more, and I will show up at your door-step one of these days.

Talking about waiting, CHILDREN'S DAY is here. And our children are waiting with cloth-made, paper made, and various made flowers, for MOTHER'S DAY, FATHER'S DAY and what not. You know that I have many children. And my father and mother had many children too. But my parents went to meet the Lord earlier. My father was killed by the communists when I was 19, and my mother passed away when I was only 9. So all their childen grew up and served the Lord. But now, they are going, to meet the Lord and parents one by one. And we are planning for a big family union some day. I lost one of my sisters last year, one brother early this year and about to lose another brother. He is in Hospis(House of Peace)

There is a Korean proverb saying "Out of ten fingers, no matter which finger you bite, no finger feel less pain than the others." I remember giving special gifts at a Church to mothers with the most number of children. There was a mother who had 17 children and she won the prize. As she received the prize and as she was turning around, murmored by herself "I really had 18 children, but lost one by Cholera." Even though she had 17, she missed the most the one she lost. I raised more than 500 children last 50 years and lost one by a disease, and I miss the lost baby so much that I could cry everytime when I see his picture.

But we are doing all right. We are working hard. Our preachers and missionaries are preaching hard, our students are studying hard and our children are studying and playing hard. Especially our 17 babies are getting heavier everytime when I lift them. So, I am trying to hold one child up as long as I can, to save the strength of lifting all of them up. I found out that our dorm mothers are doing the same to save the usually there are long lines of children in front of them waiting to be lifted. I just wish that there would be a long line waiting to be lifted to Heaven. So, I keep working as busy as I can, preaching to as many people as I can, in as many languages as I know.

Yours because of Calvary,


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