May 2018

My Dear American Friends:

We are back in Korea. We came back to be with our children on Children's day which was Saturday May 5th. Our plane arrived 3.45AM and they were waiting. Childhood is so important, so many important things happen in childhood even in the Bible such as in the lives of David, Daniel, Samuel, Joseph and what not. The childhood is when they need God and the parents the most in their lives and our children did not (when I mentioned it, I saw tears in not a few eyes of our children), neither did I. and I am determined to give it to our children. I had them repeat after me "GOD LOVES ME" LOUD AND CLEAR five times. It awoke the babies and they cried loud too and their cry certainly awakened the whole neighbourhood!

I never forget the first holiday I spent in the USA when I came to study at San Jose Bible College back in 1956. I couldn't find the yard work and didn't have enough money to buy breakfast. I decided to feed myself with the Words of God, but heard someone pass by the door and insert a note which said, "I am living on pension and don't have much money, but I thought that you might need these more than I do" It had three one dollar bills.! Next moment, I was in a hamburger shop and eating and drinking my own tears. and the tears made me to go back to Korea a few years later and start to build the Churches, a Bible College, an Orphanage and what not. Now I am aged, I am old and sick. But I am determined to live and die for the helpless and homeless children. Now that North Korea seems to be opening up, we might have more children to care for in future, please keep on praying for God's Care! And that His Peace will continue!

I am afraid that I am not getting any younger and our children know it. On, the PARENTS' DAY, which was Tuesday, May 12th, one of our children came to me and whispered, "Don't get any more sicker, and any older." In fact, I can't play soccer with them like I used to do, I can't play table tennis like I used to do.(believe me, I used to be good at those games). My eyes are starting to lose their power and ears are starting to hear strange sounds. But I am not discouraged at all, in fact, I am happy to hear those Heavenly music and see and hear little bits of Heavenly sights! And as for the strange heavenly music my bones make once a while, I cannot compare it with violin or any musical instruments, but it's better than no sound anyway. Some one up there is talking to me and I like it.

Yours because of Calvary,


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