November 2010

My dear American Friends:            

I did many stupid things in my life...and I can not say that I am any wiser now...I still do many little stupid things looking for my eye-glasses while I am wearing it. Sometimes I look for a book which I am holding in my hand. I am famous for losing umbrellas, hats, top coats and even books. But once a while, I think that I do the right thing. KOREA CHRISTIAN GOSPEL MISSION we started fifty years ago was one of those right things I did. The CHRISTIAN CHURCHES we started were the right thing. And so was the BIBLE CORRESPONDENCE SCHOOL, BRAILLE BIBLE SCHOOL and our CHRISTIAN UNIVERSITY, even though they have been flesh-chiseling projects (Korean expression). 50 years ago, we had no more than 50 Christian Churches and Churches of Christ, but now we have over 550 far as the protestant Christians are concerned, we had no more than a half million Christians 50 years ago, now we have over ten million Christians. Our Bible College started with 17 students, but now, we have over 1000 students.
But perhaps, the most significant number about the Korean Churches is the number of KOREAN MISSIONARIES. Fifty years ago, we had no more than 5 Korean missionaries, but now, the Mission magazines report that there are more than ten thousand Korean missionaries around the world... working at the most difficult places to preach, like North Korea, China, Russia, Viet Nam, Mongolia, Laos, Myanmar etc. In many of these areas preaching can cost lives. Many of my fellow-preachers and former students were killed, like those two preachers used as shooting targets by the terrorists in Afghanistan. The general rule is that, in China, if someone preaches without governmental permit (and they never give preaching permit), if he is caught, he or she will be jailed for 39 days and fined at least $3000. If he or she can not pay the fine, he or she will be there forever, may even die. A couple of my fellow-preachers died in prison.
The communist countries like China or North Korea, are famous for collecting the fines without excuses. When they jail someone, they make the family pay for the jail beds (one blanket) and meals. When they sentence someone to death, and if they shoot him, they make the family to pay for the bullets (you may not believe me. I didn't believe either, until I heard the testimony of a family). The starting of the RADIO PREACHING, especially to North Korea, was another thing that I think I did right. And my messages go over there 5:10 in the morning. You would think that who would listen to the radio 5:10 in the morning. You would be surprised to hear how many people listen, especially in North Korea. They have to go to work for the government, forced labor, 6 in the morning. And they can not come back home until 10 PM, because they have to attend the governmental indoctrination and self-criticism after the labor. So they say that 5:10 in the morning is the best time. And I know that they are listening, either in the basements or in the caves covering themselves with blankets in order not to be heard and caught by the police.
I did not plan to start the orphanage, GEON CHRISTIAN CHILDREN'S HOME. It just got started. My first Church was a Church in a refugee town called Towon-dong and there were many children lost or orphaned and roaming in the streets without care. What do you do? What can you not do? We started to pick them up one by one and take them to our Home, and before we knew we had more than 100 children. So far, we raised more than 1000 children and many of them are God's servants. Now, I am kind of old and can't see nor hear nor remember very well. But we thank God that "Faith is the evidence of things not seen" and "seen things are temporal while the unseen is eternal." We teach 'unseen things,' encourage them to hear 'voice from Heaven,' and show 'the glory of His Kingdom' which can not be expressed by the words.
Thank you my friends! Thank you for your faithful support. It's the Words of our Lord that LOVE NEVER FAILS! One important lesson that God taught me through my life is that; When I try to do anything with my life, my plan, my ideas and my ability, there is nothing but disappointments and failures, but when I dedicate it to God, and let God rule my life, It can never fail.
Dedicate your body to God. And He will rear it as His own.
He will heal it, strengthen it and use it with you as His tool.
Dedicate your soul to God. And He will sanctify it as His own.
He will cleanse it and return it to be used for His Purpose.
Dedicate your money to God. He will save it and multiply it,
And then He will return it to be used to save souls.
Just as you are, as weak and sick as you are...Dedicate it to God.
He will cure it and fill it with His endless energy
and entrust to you to save the World!
Yours because of Calvary,

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