November 2011

My dear American Friends:

For this Christmas season, I am sending you a picture of our second twin girls who never smiled. Now they are smiling like spring flowers and they are so beautiful. This is what Love does! This is what Love can bring! I am so proud of them! Actually, it was hard trying to take a picture of them BOTH smiling. They never smiled together, not like the first twin. One may smile, but another wouldn't, so it took another month trying to catch them both smiling. Actually, the first thing that I do when I go to the babies' room is to hug them, if not pat their heads. Something happens when you pat a child's head. The child may not like it. He or she may even try to escape. (I remember a child who complained that his hair is getting thin, because I pat his head too often.) But SOMETHING HAPPENS WHEN YOU PAT A CHILD WITH LOVE. I remember Jesus touching many people with His Hand and they are healed!

We are having a rough weather. Last summer, we had too much rain. And this autumn, we are having too much wind. Our children built a big wooden cross on the top of our hill last Easter. Last night's wind even brew off the horizontal cross. Now, only the pole is standing. I took some children to the pole and said 'no matter how hard the wind blow, even if it blow arms off, AS LONG AS WE STAND ON THE GROUND OF JESUS CHRIST, WE CAN STAND TALL!" Our children decided to make it a tall Christmas tree and decided to call it 'The Cross Christmas tree.'

Autumn is also a wedding season in Korea. The other day, I conducted two weddings and stood as a bride-groom's father in one day and I had to travel by three different transportation; subway, train and a car. (I was lucky that I remembered the brides' names. There was time when I didn't and almost married a bride off to a different man). The groom was a boy who grew up in our Home. His name is rather well known among Korean sports world, because he was one time a field-hockey national champion. In preparing his wedding, especially as he was printing the wedding invitation, he hesitated somewhat because his last name is not the same with me. He always bragged that he has a father and the different last names might damage his reputation. (I really do not know how to explain it, but also some Korean family might hesitate to give a daughter to an orphan.) I told him that he doesn't need to print my name. But, he went ahead and printed my name. He said "After all, you are more important to me as a father than my reputation." I appreciated his love.

I was explaining to my children about puritan pilgrim's hardship as they traveled to America. And I asked the children, "What do you think that they could take with them? They really didn't have much to take." and one child answered, "THEY TOOK FAITH," which was a surprise answer and a true answer. Because they took faith with them, they could build a great nation. During the Korean war, as we became refugees, I took a Bible with me and I became a preacher. Every night, as I talk to the North Korean people on radio, I shout 'Take the Word of God with you no matter where you go, and you will be victorious!' And I know not a few people who prevailed because of the Word of God! (Even if they had to hide it from officials).

Even if I am writing this letter in November, I know that this letter will take sometime to reaches you, I am wishing you a HAPPY THANKSGIVING and MERRY CHRISTMAS! Before long, I know that streets will be noisy with Christmas carols, decorated with Christmas ornaments and we will be flooded with Christmas programs. However, CHRISTMAS IS NOT A PROGRAM, It starts not with 'giving,' it must start with receiving Christ as our Savior, "in quietness and in confidence," Isaiah 30:15.
1. Our Christian University, as it faces crisis by the governmental pressure.
2. Our 80 children of Geon Children's Home that they will not be sick in this changing season.
3. Strength and courage to keep working in the midst of political and social storms.

Yours because of Calvary,

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