November 2014

My dear American Friends:

I AM ALIVE and working hard in Korea as usual. As the year is coming to an end, I have to think about what to buy and what we can afford to buy as Christmas presents for 75 children and 25 workers of Geon Christian Children's Home. And our students of the Christian University are planning where to go to serve during one and a half months of winter vacation. Many of them are planing to go to China, near to the North Korean border and evangelize the defectors or the North Koreans (actually, they want to go to North Korea, but only few will be permitted. In fact, China is a communistic country also, and if they preach there without permits, they will be inprisoned, but they still hope and plan to go to the cold frozen countries.)

And through the radio, I have to figure out how to convey this messages of the Hope to the hopeless 25 million people of North Korea. We send messages through radios, men-powered radios, solar radios, palm-size New Testaments and scriptural baloons! (You probably read through news that North Korean soldiers shot anti-aircraft guns to the area where the Gospel baloons were airborned last month. They think and afraid that GOSPEL MESSAGES ARE BOMBS!).

Actually, I was sick for about 2 weeks since when I fell and rolled down to the ground floor hard. The CT scan showed some brain hemorrhage, so I had to stop the speaking tour and my son, John took over for two weeks. (and they said that he did the better job without me.) Actually, the sickness is good thing at least for two reasons; (It makes you to pray more. (2) It makes you to think more seriously about 'life and death.' Actually, it makes you to work harder for the Lord, as it makes you to think 'THIS DAY MAY BE MY LAST DAY ON EARTH.... and I better work harder.'

Actually, we had a boy in our Home who was curiouis to know about 'tomorrow.' He asked many adults 'When is tomorrow?' and many answered 'You sleep and you will know.' Next day, he asked 'Is today tomorrow?' and answers came back 'No, tomorrow is tomorrow.' The boy finally concluded 'I have no tomorrow....'

Our God always works silently, like 'tomorrow.' This time last year, we had no idea where and how we were going to feed, clothe and educate 70 children for a year. We had no idea how we were going to build a building which our government had been demanding. But now, our 73 (we recently received two small children and one baby) are healthier and happier than ever and studying hard.... We can not imagine how our joyless and even tearless twins could go to schools smiling everyday! And our new building is almost completed (Although we are still raising one tenth of the construction fund)! It still has nothing inside.... We have to fil it up with beds, desks, pingpong table and what not! But we believe that our God has tomorrow and He will fill them up. So, WE ALWAYS HAVE TOMORROW!

And, in the name of tomorrow, our 73 children and 25 workers of Geon Christian Children's Home, more than 900 students and 30 faculty members of our Seoul Christian University, speakers and many workers of our Radio Work, Publishing House, as well as us, YOON KWON & KOOK JA CHAE and our son, JOHN CHAE who has been very busy this year, wish you MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Please pray for;

1. Our 73 children will receive what they want and what they need for Christmas presents.

2. We will have the milder winter, so that our preachers will not freeze as they pray and preach in the streets and frozen buildings.

3. My health may improve.

Yours because of Calvary,


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