November 2015

My dear American Friends:

During the last season, I lost some precious friends. One is our former Director of Information, JEAN MORGAN. She worked for us, with us for more than forty years, faithfully as our Director. She loved our work so much that she even adopted one of our children and now the child is a medical doctor. She sent our Newsletters, display materials, books and what not and we shall never forget what she did for us. Another man is a dear friend of mine. I stayed in his house many time, and most of time I stayed, I heard his testimonies. He also prayed and cried with me and listened to my problems. Truly he was a friend, on whose shoulder, I could cry anytime. Everybody needs a friend like him.

Through our fifty years of history of Geon Christian Children's Home through which we raised more than one thousand children, we lost two babies.(Government officials say that it's still a proud record, because the other orphanages lost hundreds especially during and after Korean War). Still it tears my heart when I think about those two babies. This was fifty years ago, they came our Home almost dying... one lived one month and another lived three days. He lived in my arms for three days. He was a beautiful baby and I cried, prayed to God that MY LIFE WILL BE TAKEN INSTEAD. I suppose that It's the way God felt when He nailed His Own Son on the Cross, when we had to die on account of our sin.

In this season of Thanksgiving, we feel the Love of God deeper. During this season, Korean Christians and Churches are helping our government in two Projects. One is the meetings of seperated families of South and North Korea. More than a hundred thousand families had been seperated by the Korean War and they had been seperated all these years. They are now eighties and nineties in their ages, still they need to and want to meet survived part of their families before they die. So, we helped the government and two hundred families, to meet their lost families.(There was a man and wife who had been seperated for 60 years! and their love was not changed). Also, we, Korean Churches, are helping to set up a "UN" BRANCH OFFICE in Korea near to the Demilitarized Zone and we are helping to collect one million signatures of Christians on the Petitions. We were helped and saved by UN with US during the Korean War and now we are trying to help UN. We feel that without Peace in Korea, there will not be Peace in the world.

One thing that Korean Churches are fighting against, presently, is the influence of homosexual activities. I am afraid that they are infiltrating Korea also. They are planning parades and even homosexual marriages are planned and We are fighting. We are fighting by writing petitions to stop them and preaching against it.

Actually, there were a couple other projects we started in 2015 at our Church in Geon Children's Home. One was promoting the attendance of DAWN PRAYER MEETINGS. And I am happy to see that the attendance increased about twice. Praise the Lord. It bring tears to my eyes to see Kindergarden children attending the prayer meeting at 5:30 AM. Another project was WRITING THE BIBLE BY HANDS. It really means something when you write the Words of the Bible letter by letter. I am sending you a part of the Bible written by hands personally and also a picture of the rice harvest! Thanks to God and to you, in this Thanksgiving season for the Words of God and Christian Faith, hope and Love that the Words gave us, which is the greatest thing in the world!!

Please pray for;

1. Seoul Christian University and it's 900 students, as I am trying to lead it, as the Chancellor, in this difficult time.

2. One of our new babies named "O Bok" meaning '5 blessings'. She came from the streets, but now she is in God's Love and our Love and prayers of Christians. She is not well, but slowly recovering. She needs your Blessings.

Yours because of Calvary,


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