November 2016

My dear American Friends:

One of my favorite scriptures is Ps. 50: 15 "Call upon me in the day of trouble; I will deliver you, and you will honor me!" And my favorite place is the babies' room.(especially 1 year and younger babies) and we have 9 babies there and I visit them often. When I open their door, everybody greets me and some want me to hug them.. And I try to hug everybody but it takes some time and energy too for a 85 years old father. By some reason or others, if I pass them by without hugging, they start to cry. So I have to go back again and start to hug them again. All they have to do to get my attention is to cry. Perhaps that's what the Psalm writer try to explain. All we need to do is to cry! Beautiful prayers and gorgeous writings are necessary at times, but just crying in prayers will get His attention, and just being a baby in God's arm will please Him just as much as becoming a great Christian. (I hope that it makes sense in English)!

I have just come back from one of our Mission station in China. Of course, in communistic country like China, especially if you are a radio preacher, Newspaper writer etc., you can not be alone. It certainly is not good feeling when someone follows you all the time and listen to you secretly. So, when we are really alone with God, it's more tears than words. This time, we, along with a Korean missionary there hosted soccer tournament of foreign high schools. It was a good sports evant and good way of evangelization through the heart of the young people. I am praying that we shall be able to baptize everyone of those young healthy soccer players someday... (because I may not be able to age-wise soon)

You may have heard that the number of defectors from North Korea are increasing.... It used to be that many escaped from North Korea due to the hunger and famine...... NOW MORE POLITICAL REASONS..... And I would like to think that OUR RADIO PREACHING HAD A PART in the change. At least we are taking care of not a few children, even babies, who are the children of the defectors.

To me, they are like the pilgrims who landed in the soil of America. I heard the story of American custom of eating five corns on the plate on the Thanksgiving day. Believe me, our children had that experience before they came to our Home. In fact, both your country and ours had not a few similar historical experiences. Both our countries were once divided and fought each other. In fact, it's been more than 65 years since Korea was divided and have been fighting. But I believe that there will be peace, real peace, God's peace one of these days. I am not sure if it will be before Jesus comes back or after, But I believe that there will be peace someday, one day. And we are working toward the day, everyday.

Actually, our heart is full of tears as we have to say "good bye" to our dearest friend, my 60 years' friend, our former Chairman of the Board, Brother Lee Shafer. whose last e-mail messae was "I am feeling sad about leaving my family, but am excited for what the next life has for me. I am awaiting my new body and being with the LORD!" A few of us read the last message and moved by this great Christian message! In fact, one non-christian temporary worker decided to become a Christian. So, even his last message on this earth converted one Korean man and saved his soul! What a great man! what a great faith.

I am writing this letter in November, but I know that it will take time until it reaches you, so I wish you a MERRY CHRISTMAS! Also I am looking forward to visit USA for a few months in spring 2017 and hope to visit some of you. IF YOU WANT ME TO COME TO SPEAK, PLEASE LET ME KNOW...

Yours because of Calvary,


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