November 2017

My dear American Friends:

In October, I am usually busy with presiding, or speaking at WEDDINGS (of not only our grown up children, but also Church members, students and what not..) and FUNERALS. sometimes, two in a week, or (one time, two in a day). Usually, I speak or attend funeral early in the morning and wedding in the afternoon. And I am busy changing places, suits and even expressions. Sometimes, I make mistakes, and cry In the weddings and smile in the funerals. But after all, real weddings need to be more serious even with tears and real funerals need to be filled with joy of meeting the Lord.

I remember, long time ago, I presided a handicapped couple's wedding. And had them WRITE their wedding oath instead of speaking, as they were not able to speak. It took long time, but it was the most impressive oath I ever seen and they, I understand, kept the oath for many many years. Talking about the oath, one time, I had the couple repeat after me an additional phrase after "in sickness as in health, in poverty as in wealth" "IN THE TIME OF WAR AS IN THE TIME OF PEACE". I am not sure if they liked it, but I am sure that they will remember it no matter what happens.

Talking about the "war," I shall never forget the Christmas which we celebrated at the time of Korean War. There was no peace and people were dying all around, but we were singing and praying, We particularly liked the song the angels were singing,"Luke 2,10-11" We particularly liked two words in the song, "Don't be afraid" and "joy to all the people" Christ is Joy and Victory to all His people all the time! So, it may be too early to wish you MERRY CHRISTMAS, But by the time this letter reach you, it may not be (besides, we don't know what will happen when) so! WE WISH YOU A MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Right now, it's Thanksgiving season. I may be speaking at a Sowing Convention in Japan. Ps. 126:5-6 says "Let those who wept as they planted their crops, gather the harvest with joy!" How true it is! today! and that's what evangelism is! Many of our for-runners like my father wept as they planted and now we are harvesting. We cried so often and gave our lives many times as we are planting, and now our sons will harvest! Jesus Christ gave His life for these unworthy lives! But His Great Plan is working. It is taking 2000 years, but it is working! We know that His Second Coming is near. Thank God that His plan is working always.

One of the Churches I preach regularly are Seoul Central Christian Church and Kehwa Church of Christ at Geon Christian Children's Home. Kehwa Church has many young people naturally and Central Christian Church has many elderly people as it was started when I was younger. We have elders of my ages and most of them have physical handicaps of some kind. One of them almost lost his hearing capability and I try to shout almost everytime when I talk to him. One time, I said "how unconvenient it must be not to be able to hear!" and he bluntly answered, "I HEAR GOD ALL THE TIME!" And I knew he does! What a stupid question I asked!

The other day, Geon Christian Children's Home received two more babies and one of them was only one week old. He is so tiny and weak, but his two eyes were wide open! He wants to see! He came to the world to see the world. I pray that what he will see would be peace and not war! Love and not hatred! Friends and not enemies! and right now, warm milk and not cold world!

P.S. After much problems and negotiations, we are again permitted to use our former addresses also.(if we have enough mails trafic) Yoido P.O. Box 876, SEOUL, KOREA 07328.

Yours because of Calvary,


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