November 2018

My dear American Friends:

It may be too early to send Christmas cards, but we are sending it as it may take some time to reach you, and my children are urging me to send. So, we thank you and wish you a HAPPY THANKSGIVING, MERRY CHRISTMAS and even HAPPY NEW YEAR!


I asked my children on a Wednesday Bible study (on a series of the "Study of Myself") WHY JESUS CAME? And one of the girls answered "Because Jesus loved me." and She was right. It says so in the Bible. God was in love with me! Another boy answered "Because I am wanted." He was right too. I was wanted by God like a criminal wanted in the "criminal list." I was so wanted that God sent His only Son to die for me. Praise the Lord!

This year's Christmas mean something extra special to me, because I am going to close some of my work, such as regular preaching through two Churches, regular preaching through radios, some publications etc., by the end of the year. Like Jesus said on the Cross, and I am going to say it in my last sermon, this year, "I am tired and thirsty." Some of us hesitate to say it or admit it, but Jesus said it. Come to think of it, it must had been very difficult to say it in front of His enemies! But He said, because He forgave enemies and even wanted to give chances to serve him and He was really thirsty. Also, Jesus said on the Cross "IT IS FINISHED!" And what a completion He made on the Cross; THE SALVATION OF THE WHOLE MANKIND THROUGH THE HISTORY!" Also, my work is finished only when "His Plan through me" is finished. That is, I shall never finish my work, never complete my plans...I shall never be so called "success!", BUT WHEN HIS PLANS THROUGH ME IS FINISHED, THAT IS "MY SUCCESS" And that is my death! And if my life is "success," that is, BECAUSE OF JESUS'S SUCCESS AND YOUR LOVE, AND I THANK YOU VERY MUCH Again!

And I am happy to report you that my son, JOHN CHAE, has grown up and continuing some of our work, and eventually take over our work. I probably will continue to write you as long as I live, and of course, I will preach to the last breath of my life, but actually, my son is younger and qualified! I wish that you will continue to pray for him and his work and his family. My grandson, Jonathan, is also growing up and smiling to everyone. He loves God and God's children around the world! He loves Korea and North Koreans also!

Korean winter is cold. It's windy, snowy and the roads are slippery. But Korean Church's dawn prayer meetings are still full of people and the new Christians are still being baptized in the ice-cold water. In December, we are still planning for the Christmas party for the homeless people. And of course, our children of Geon Christian Children's Home are looking forward to the Christmas party with rice, noodle, fish and Christmas cakes. Actually, we are hoping to be able to share them with the North Koreans this year...And if it is not this year, we still hope that the permanent peace is coming soon. And we are still singing "Joy to the world" under the armed guards. HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Yours because of Calvary,


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