My dear American Friends: 

"I don't understand much about Christianity," one of our grown up children said one time, "But I know what the Cross means." He had a picture of his mother who died giving birth to this child. She was very sick when the child was conceived, and she was warned that she might die during the delivery, but she went ahead, and died. The boy heard the story from his grandmother before he came to our Home. When I explained the meaning of Christ's Cross, the boy said, "It's like my mother. She died to give me a birth." The death of Christ, as well as the birth of Christ, means something special when we know that it is connected with me, isn't it? To me, the miracle of miracles is that He died for me, for my sin. To me, the greatest miracle is not only the resurrection of Christ, but that I shall resurrect also. That is, the miracle will come after my death. So is the birth of Jesus Christ. It is a Merry Christmas, because He was born to save me. It probably will be a Sad Christmas, if I am not saved. Again, that's what one of my children asked, "Why is everybody happy on Christmas?"

I am trying to write a Christmas letter, but it's still November, and I might as well include our Thanksgiving letter. Thank you so much for loving and caring for these children. Thank you from 84 children and 800 students of Seoul Christian University, Correspondence School, Braille School, Publishing House and God knows how many listeners of our Gospel broadcasting. Thank you especially from the children and workers of Geon Christian Children's Home. And from (our children wanted me to include: 11 watch dogs, 3 watch cats, 9 watch geese, 7 watch ducks, 8 watch chicken, peacocks, pigeons and what not.] I must say that they are real good watch dogs etc. With over 80 children and as many visitors coming in and out all the time, ordinary watch dogs would go crazy. But our watch dogs know exactly who is regular member and who is not. I must say that they are smarter than me.

2005 was a busy year for me. I traveled to many countries holding evangelistic meetings and baptized many. What makes me happy is the fact that no matter where I go, I meet some of our graduates preaching as teachers and missionaries, even on the high mountains of Nepal and in the jungles of Kalimantan. When I started to work forty-five years ago, there were no more than five Korean missionaries around the world, but now there are more than five thousand missionaries. Forty years ago, I was so busy that, sometimes, I preached five times in one day. There was time when I preached one sermon in Korea at eleven o'clock Sunday morning service and flew over the Pacific and preached again Sunday morning eleven o'clock service, because I gained a few more hours crossing over the date line. But now, I am a little older. Still I want to work for the Lord, as hard as I can. When I go to meet Jesus, I want to meet Him, not as a fat little well being, but AS A USED UP RAG, lame, almost blind broken up being. So, I am trying to use up my life... many Gospel meetings are still planned for the rest of the year and the next. Korean Christians feel that, since Korea was saved by the effort of many foreign missionaries, now it's our turn to evangelize the rest of the world, especially Asia... there are still at least two and a half billion unreached people in Asia!

The treasure No. 1 of our Home is my father's used up note-book. All sort of things are written on that small worn out note-book including his joy when I was born, records of the money borrowed for my school tuition etc., and his last message just before he was caught and killed by the communists during the Korean War. His last message was that "I trust my life and lives of my children into His Hand. I trust that my children will carry on the work that I started...." And my message is the same today... "I trust that my children and students will carry on the work that we started...." I remember the words of one of our Church elders who gave his eyes to a hospital just before his death. He said, "I shall be able to see 2006 Olympic and even the unification of Korea through the eyes I left in this world!"




to you all.

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