My dear American Friends:
 Happy Thanksgiving and Merry Christmas!
 Three of our children are still in the hospital including Fe Hyun who is still suffering from Cancer.  I am still having head-ache.  Our 85 children are living from hand to mouth everyday.  And we are losig friends due to my age and limited travels.  The reason why I am starting my Christmas letter this way is because our Lord Jesus Christ came to this world for the poor, abandoned, suffering souls!  And that's why we sing MERRY CHRISTMAS!
 Actually, God gave us many victories in 2007.  Of course, the successful meeting of the 75th Anniversary Convention of the Korean Christian Churches and Churches of Christ was a great victory!  And recently, God gave us even a small victory in the soccer games.  It was a tournament of all the orphanages in Korea.  Our soccer team had to fight five times to reach the final game.  When our boys lined up, it ws like Korean hills (up and down) with tall 5'5" boys and short 5'2" boys.  When they asked me to pray before the game, I didn't have nerve to ask for the victory, I just prayed that they will do their best.  Our opponent, the Salvation Army Home came with the famous brassband and everything, but our team won!  And I had to treat all our children with a Korean Barbecue!  Our children who suffered so much defeat in their lives before they came to our Home NEEDED VICTORY OF SOME KIND, and God awarded them with this victory!
 Not only, our soccer team, but also our children won a trophy of cheering!  Actually, our children are good cheerers.  Especiallyt to me, their smile always blow away all my anxieties.  The visitors say that our children are brighter than any other Homes and give joy to the visitors.  I hope that our children give joy to this loyless world (You probably heard that ugly political campaign is going on right now in Korea, just as ugly as any other country).  I heard a story about a depressed man who went to see a psychologist for a counseling.  The psychologist said, "It's all in your mind.  Why don't you go see a show or something.  I hear that there is a popular comedy show in town."  The depressed man said, "I AM THAT COMEDIAN."
 I thank God for another victorious year and the joy He brings in this joyous season.  Our children's stockings may not have those electronical toys and expensive gadgets, but they will have warm underwears and sweet candies with your love and ours...most of all, our Lord's!  and those candies will lat longer, as they lick it a little and keep the rest in their pockets TO LICK IT AGAIN WHEN THEIR SPIRIT IS LOW.  We have a little girl who is rather slow in everything she's her physics, doctors say..something is not winding fast enough in her body.  Her school is only ten minutes walk for an ordinary child, but she takes more than forty minutes.  At first, we worried that she is not coming back in time, but now we do not worry, because during that forty minutes, she does lots of things... like talking to flowers, following cateripllars, greeting dogs, cats and even mouse, smelling fragrant from bread-factory etc etc.  She is getting so much, so much more out of those forty minutes and we decided that she is the winner!  May you all be a winner in this season!
 So, we wish you a MERRY CHRISTMAS and A HAPPY NEW YEAR! from 85 children and 25 workers of Geon Christian Children's Home, Kangseo Children's Center, The House of Christ, 1,000 students and teachers of Seoul Christian University, Central Christian Church, Kangseo Church of Christ, Braille Bible School and Corrrespondence School and God knows how many listeners of our Gospel Broadcasting, Publishing House and readers of my books and what not!
 Korean Churches are having what we call "THREE LIQUID MOVEMENT"... three liquids being "tear" "sweat" "blood."  Our Lord shed these three liquids to save our souls and give us this victory.  And we are determined to use our three liquids to reach the unreached and help to save the helpless people!
 Yours because of Calvary,

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