Nov. & Dec., 2008

My dear American Friends:

Do you remember a four days' old baby we found in the toilet of a railroad station in the beginning of this year? Do you remember that he was dying by the cold and starvation. The enclosed is his photograph today. See how lovely he is! His smile is beautiful! and we are wishing HAPPY THANKSGIVING AND MERRY CHRISTMAS with his smile. This is what you accomplished by your love and support and God will smile on you! How we need God's Smile in time like this.

Everytime when Christmas comes around, I think of a true story I heard many years ago at the Sunday School. In fact, I told that story to our children already. It's a story of the first World-War. As I remember, German and French soldiers were facing each other in the opposite bunkers on Christmas eve, ready to shoot to kill. Suddenly, someone started to sing 'Silent night-Holy night' and the song kept spreading until all the soldiers of both sides were singing with tears streaming down their cheeks. There's no doubt that only CHRISTIAN GOSPEL WILL BRING PEACE, real Peace on this earth.

Nov. 1 was the day for world peace...a day to think about the Peace. About thirty years ago, when Korea was still far from peace, some fifty University Presidents of the world met in Mexico and a Korean president proposed to make this day, a day for the world peace. It was sanctioned and declared by the UN. So, naturally, Korean people talk about, discuss and argue about Peace on that day. Our country is still far from Peace, so we long for peace, and people think and talk about peace on that day everywhere. They talk until the discussion is so heated that sometimes they end up fighting. The other day, some of our children were talking about peace. The discussion went on for hours, until one girl stood up and said, "PEACE IS TO EAT TOGETHER, Let's go to eat," so they all marched to the dinning hall.

I think she was right. There's no better peace than sitting in one table and share food together. In fact, Jesus did it. He taught much while disciples were eating together at one table. So, we plan to have a communion on Christmas.... and if possible, a long communion. Happy is a man who talks much at the dinning table. So, we try to talk at the table as much as possible, eating Korean apples, pears and what not. Korean apples and pears are world-famous (we think). Although my favorite fruit is banana.(unfortunately Korea do not grow them). I like BANANA-like-PEOPLE. They say many communists in North Korea are like apples...they may be red outside, but white inside. Apple-like-people always shine OUTSIDE. Banana-like-people eventually take off outside, like scriptures say "Though our outward man perish, yet the inward man is renewed day by day.(IICor. 4:16)."

I am afraid that my own `outward man' is also weakening year by year and I am looking forward to the day when I can `take off this outward man,' but God gave me strength to do this year as much as I was able to do when I was much younger and may be more. God and you helped me to take care of 85 homeless CHILDREN, TEACH many Bible College students, even foreign students from countries such as China, Mongoria, Viet Nam, Cambodia, Thailand, Myanmar and India, BROADCAST Gospel messages to thousands of Gospel starving people in Korea, North Korea and China, PUBLISH another book and make EVANGELISTIC TRIPS to Japan and China and what not. I feel that I can begin to understand what Paul meant when he said, "for me, to live is Christ, and to die is also gain."

Perhaps, Christmas 2008 is one of the most difficult Christmas this world has ever known. And yet, let us not forget the angel's answer to Joseph and Mary "EMMANUEL - GOD WITH US!(Mt. 1: 23)" Many dreadful things happened to them also since they heard this words from the Angel, and yet, they kept on believing "God with us." So let us not forget "God with us!" in this Thanksgiving season.


Yours because of Calvary,


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