Nov. & Dec. 2012

My dear American Friends:

MERRY CHRISTMAS! We send you Christmas Greetings from 75 children of GEON CHRISTIAN CHILDREN'S HOME, 900 students of SEOUL CHRISTIAN UNIVERSITY and Lord knows how many listeners of our Gospel Radio Preaching! And also from SEOUL CENTRAL CHRISTIAN CHURCH, KEHWA CHURCH OF CHRIST and workers of KOREA CHRISTIAN GOSPEL MISSION and ASIA GOSPEL MISSION.

I am glad that there was a special star when Jesus Came. I like that Christmas story start with a star. We can always look up and see the stars, no matter where we are, how crowded, how complicated this world may be, we can always look up. One time, I found a child crying alone. I asked her many questions, but she wouldn't answer. I said, "WOULD YOU LOOK UP THE SKY?" and she did. And she stopped crying. In fact, she said, "I see a pretty rainbow." She sure did. Anybody who look up the sun through tears, they will see rainbows! beautiful rainbow of God through tears.

We are planning Christmas party with Korean noodles and rice cakes. We decided not to have Santa Claus this year, instead I will just give Christmas presents to each child. Our children do not believe in Santa Claus. One Christmas, our children went to the department store, and sat on the knee of an old man with Santa Claus suit. The first question that the Santa Claus asked was "What's your name?" The child said, "If you are real Santa Claus, you should know my name." OUR GOD KNOWS AND CALLS US BY NAME. That makes the difference, doesn't it.

Also I like the name 'Bethlehem.' I understand that it means 'bread.' How this world need 'bread.' One thing that our children usually do on Christmas and New Year, they go to visit lonely senior citizens and handicapped children's Home with presents of special 'bread.'... the bread of Bethlehem. I am not sure if I mentioned before, but one of the Korean missionaries in China whom we help bake 'bread' and send to North Korea. In China, he is called 'PRESIDENT OF BREAD COMPANY' and he prints Bible scriptures on the bread-wrapper.

According to the Korean custom, hugging and kissing is not so popular (although today's young people are changing fast). But I TRY TO HUG AS MANY CHILDREN (especially little children) as possible. And our little children like to hug. Our three years old twin girls come running and hug me to death. (Remember the North Korean defector's twin babies, they are growing like weeds and they are so lovable). Actually, it took sometime for them to learn to hug, but I kept hugging until they learn that they are loved. It was not easy to let them know that they are loved! But now, they know that they are loved and they are returning loving!

One of the scriptures I love and often preach is Acts 17: 27-28 "In Him, we live, and move and have our being." I usually used the scriptures to explain the Power of God and His rule. But recently, I found that those scriptures not only explains 'the Power of God,' but also 'Love of God.' as the preceding scriptures say "He is not far from us." So, we are not only ruled by God, but also cared for by God and we are loved by God. In fact, WE ARE HUGGED BY GOD and defended by God, like Isa. 9: 6 says, "we are counseled by God."

So, on this Christmas and New Year season, we want you to know that you are hugging us and you are hugged by us, as we all are hugged by God! So MERRY CHRISTMAS AND HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU.

Yours because of Calvary,


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