October 2008

My dear American Friends:

For our children's DVBS PROJECT, they started to write the Bible by ball-point pens. It's not that they don't have Bibles, it's just that they heard about the North Korean Christians copying Bible by hand. They copy it because, in the first place, they don't have Bibles, and in the second place, because the written Bibles are not easily noticed and arrested by the police. One of our children started to write it thinking of them. In fact, he said that he got so much more out of the Bible when he wrote it. Actually, One Sunday School teacher who is one of my children started to write the scriptures on the edible paper to demonstrate "How sweet are your Words to my taste (Ps 119- 103)," and then the rest of the children followed, perhaps not on the edible paper as they are expensive, but on the regular note-books. So, now I have a room-full of written Bibles. Some of them used the project as an excuse not completing their school home-work, but it probably was more educational than the school home-work. I plan to send them to North Korea when we can, hoping that North Korean guards will not notice them. Another child suggested that we send a copy to you, IF YOU WANT. So, let me know and you will receive a note-book full of personally written scriptures.

Some of the favorite scriptures of our children, strangely, has something to do with the 'suffering.' Especially, the Cross of Jesus means so much more to our children because they personally know someone who died for them. One of our children was a defector from North Korea. That is, he and his mother were escaping, and they came through many lines of death. One time, they were hiding under a heap of straw on a small truck, as they were crossing over the border. The boy was told by his mother not to make any sound no matter what happened, and the boy promised that he will keep silence. The border guard had a bayonet at the end of his rifle and stuck it through the straw to make sure that nothing was under. The bayonet almost hit the boy, but passed. When they finally crossed over the danger, they found the mother dead in a pool of blood and the boy was crying "I didn't make any sound, I didn't make any sound." the boy certainly knew the meaning of the Cross.

Our children also know the difference between Jesus Christ and the dictators like Kim, Jung Il of North Korea. I heard a child comment "Jesus Christ died for all the people and in countries like North Korea, all the people die for one man." You probably heard that the North Korean dictator is dying by sickness. He is trying hard to survive, but he will die sooner or later, no matter how hard he tries. He even has a company of young men who test the new medicine and vitamins by their own bodies, like guinea pigs, for the so-called great leader. It's called "Ever-lasting life research center." But we know that he will die for sure. What will happen to Korea after his death?, we never know. They predict that one of his illegitimate son might take over or his generals will take over, but it's for sure that years of bloody power struggle will follow and a war may follow as the result of the power struggle. It's a predicted result of the power struggle. But you and I know Who gives the ever-lasting life! Like Paul says, the everlasting life was already promised to us from eternity. So "O death, where is thy sting...O death, where is thy victory!"

I have just come back from an evangelistic trip to China...this time, south western part of China. I had a chance to meet and talk with a group of (hidden) Christian workers and students. I was overwhelmed by their love and zeal to evangelize. In fact, our meeting was arranged on their holiday, in order to avoid the watchful eyes of the secret police. But the room was full and overflowing, and the sweat was overflowing too. I spoke for ten hours and they wanted more... But their zeal for the prayer was even more impressive. One of the preacher-worker (we don't call them 'preachers' and they don't call us 'preachers,' but they were faithful Christian workers just like the early Church,) his eyes were red and blood-shot as I saw him in the morning. I said, "you must have eye-disease" and he answered "I have been praying all night." His eyes may be blood-shot, but his blood was boiling by Christ's Energy!

Yours because of Calvary,

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