October 2004

My dear American Friends

We lost again. Our Children's soccer team lost 3 to 6 in an important tournament game. Still we celebrated by eating noodle together, because we lost 0 to 6 last year. We have many excuses; like our children are smaller, the ages of our children are not even etc., but we are improving, at least our children practice hard. And we probably may be able to come to draw next year. So our children have full of hope. I guess, that's what youth is! Did I tell you about the time when our softball team was losing 14 to nothing in the first inning? I said to the children "Why don't you give up?" And they answered back "Why? It's only the first inning!" I told them to give up because it's the first inning and they didn't want to give up because it's the first inning. I guess that's the difference of an old man and youth.

But I am not giving up either. I still preach two-three times every Sunday. I still teach two-three subjects every semester. I am jumping around two-three countries preaching and holding seminars. I still write in two-three newspapers and magazines. In fact, I just started a magazine entitled "Dreams of the old men." It's from Acts 2:17 "your old men shall dream dreams." ACTUALLY, I HAVE ALWAYS BEEN WITH THE LOSING TEAM ALL MY LIFE. In fact, my first Church started with four people. One was my wife, and one was a handicapped man who kept yawning. And one lady kept talking even when I was preaching. I was rather disappointed. I almost stopped preaching and even ministry. But on that day, I preached from Luke 14...Jesus' parable to the feast where the poor and the maimed were invited. From that day, I decided to quit looking at colorful show windows and look at back alleys and small path by the highway. I guess that's why we started this orphanage.

Yes, I must say that we have had many lost and abandoned soul in our Home too. I remember one handicapped boy who couldn't walk very well. In fact, he walked almost like swimming, more like crawling, or like wriggling. One time, he was so slow that he wet his pants on the way to the toilet and cried. But now, he grew up and working like any other adults. He is still slow walking, but he keeps walking and working. HE WAS LUCKY THAT HE COULD MOVE. I had a girl who couldn't move at all. She couldn't even turn over while sleeping and you know how painful not being able to turn over. Besides, during the summer, the flies land and feed on her face...ten or twenty flies around her eyes and lips and she couldn't flap them. We were not sure if she could make it, but she grew up too. And now is a wife and a mother.

I had not a few handicapped even among my students at the Bible College. In fact, our Bible College raised more blind and deaf preachers than any other Bible Colleges. I remember a student who stuttered so much that ordinary conversation was just not possible. And he wanted to be a preacher. Most people couldn't wait until he finishes his sentences. He kept waving his arms and moving his lips, but not much came out. In fact, most of time, we had to finish his sentences for him. "Is this what you mean? Is that...?" etc. One time, I saw him taking notes...and it was like climbing Everest mountain. I don't know how he was able to write love letters to propose to a girl. But he did and now he is a preacher. He still stutters, but his Church members learned to fix their eyes on his lips. It is THE MOST ATTENTIVE CONGREGATION I KNOW OF.

And now, after fifty years, I am still a minister of a small congregation of the lost and abandoned. I am still teaching small classes. I am still preaching to the persecuted in North Korea. But I thank God FOR MY SMALL MINISTRY. In fact, in these days, we are getting more than a few lost and abandoned babies in our Children's Home, some of them come without names. I named one "River" the other day, hoping that he will become like river...keep flowing accepting everything and filling every valleys of despair. People laugh when they hear a seven years old child calling seventy years old man "Father," but I don't mind. In fact, I don't want them to call me any other way.... Yours because of Calvary,


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