October 2007

My dear American Friends:                   

"I hated my mother for dying and leaving me helpless, but now I love her." was what she said the other day.  She came to our Home when her mother died by the sickness and she lived with us for ten years now.  She always dragged a kind of gloomy shadow and didn't talk much.  Now that she is a big sister and she wanted to take care of the babies, so we gave her chores to care for the little children.  She was good at it and loved those little children and babies.  She said, "Those children are so lovely, I hated even to say 'good bye' at night."  She continued, "And I STARTED TO THINK OF MY MOTHER'S PAIN WHEN SHE HAD TO LEAVE ME by sickness, and I started to love her."  God has strange way of teaching LOVE to His children.

We probably will never understand how God loves us and how He makes us to understand His Love and Providence.  Do you remember Psalms 37: 25?  "I HAVE NOT SEEN THE RIGHTEOUS FORSAKEN or his descendants begging bread."  It's a testimony of my father's children including me.  My father, a Christian Church minister, was caught and killed by the communists during the Korean War.  At that time, I was only eighteen and was conscripted by two Armies, North and South, in the streets.  So, I was missing for several years, and so were my older brother and two older sisters, leaving five younger brothers and sisters homeless, the youngest of whom was only one year old.  They were refugees and wandered through mountains for three years.  But somehow they survived.  THEY ALL SURVIVED.  In fact, the whole family, four brothers and five sisters were able to meet as a family reunion, AFTER MORE THAN FORTY YEARS.  And we found out that all of them were, somehow, doing Lord's Work in Churches.  Hallelujah!  It's a testimony of my family in this Thanksgiving season, and I am enclosing pictures of my brothers and sisters as living proof.

You will be surprised more if I tell you how Gospel reached Korea at first.  An English missionary called Thomas came to Korea in 1864 on an American ship.  The ship was surveying the area without permit and was warned by the Korean guards and eventually the ship was burnt by the natives. And  all the people on board were killed.  The missionary Thomas was murdered there also as soon as he jumped off the ship, but just before he died, he handed a Gospel tract to the killer and said, "Read it and it will save you and your people."  The killer didn't know what to do with the Gospel tract.  He took it home and used it for his house wall-paper.  The visitors to that house started to read it and some were inspired and motivated to start a Church.  In fact, the killer himself became an elder of that Church later.  That's a true story of how the first Protestant Church was started in Korea.  Praise the Lord!  GOD HAS STRANGE WAY OF REACHING PEOPLE'S HEART!

The other day, my brief-case was stolen, which had some important notes and records and a BIBLE. I miss those notes and records, but the Words of the Bible needed to be shared anyway, so I am thinking of making an announcement through my radio messages, "If you are the man who stole my brief case, you can throw the notes and records away, but PLEASE please read the Bible enclosed.  THOSE WORDS IN THE BIBLE WERE INTENDED FOR YOU!"

Many of you wrote me and said, "I enjoy your letters."  I appreciate those words of encouragement.  And I want to say also "I enjoy writing letters."  "Enjoy" may not be the right words, as I sometimes am crying when I write these letters.  But it's true that it's the time that I can pour my heart out and I feel off-loaded (is this English?) when I write, "yours because of Calvary."

Yours because of Calvary,


P.S.  I am planning to spend sometime in the USA next year.  If you want me to come to speak at your Church, please let me know.

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