October 2009

My dear American Friends:                     

One of the Korean Newspaper reported the other day that the most favorite scripture for the Korean people is Jesus' Words "Come to me, all who are weary and heavy-laden, and I will give you rest...." Everybody is carrying burden...I guess that's where all religions started. But nobody said, "bring it to me!  and I will carry, I will give you rest"  Buddha started with suffering too, but he said, in few words "That's the life, ignore it and it will pass soon. Everything change."  Confucius said, in a word, "Everybody carries it, It's nothing strange. And I don't know why, you must suffer for your family and country." But Jesus said, "BRING IT TO ME, AND I WILL CARRY!"  And He carried the Cross for me.  In fact, MY LIFE IS NOT COMPLETE WITHOUT THE CROSS OF JESUS CHRIST.  So, if you are carrying unbearable burden, take it to the Cross. If you are suffering cancer, take it to the Cross, nail it, burn it and break it to pieces! A lady, I know, with cancer, even prayed "If you can use my cancer Lord, use it for your glory!"  Remember, our life is not complete without the Cross!

One of our Church lady told me this story. Her husband left her and she had a disobedient daughter. The daughter blamed everything on her mother; the fact that they are living without a father, that they are so poor etc. And the daughter did everything that the mother DIDN'T WANT HER TO DO.  In fact, the daughter even tried to beat her mother.  And one day, the mother said, "Beat me! BEAT ME TO DEATH."  The daughter really beat her mother...until the mother bled. And she cried! cried aloud. And that was the last day that the daughter acted bad. When the mother told me that story, I thought of our Lord, Jesus Christ, Who bled on the Cross for us.  In fact, we nailed Him there and left Him until He bled to death! That's where our sin was nailed! That's where our sin ended. I told the mother what I thought and she cried there with me.

Actually, at one of my evangelistic meetings, I shouted "Take it to the Cross," And one of the Church members brought bottles of whiskey to the Cross of the Church and broke every bottle there to pieces. I know a Church lady, who was convinced that the money of her husband is keeping him away from Church, brought her husband's pocket book and bank book to the Cross. In fact, according to the testimony of her husband later, he heard her praying "God, take the money away from my husband... make him poor!" The husband said after he was converted,  that then he wanted to kill her. I guess, many husbands will feel the same when they hear wives pray that way. Still, the husband's testimony, later,  is that "WHEN I BECAME POOR, as poor as Church mouse, I FOUND GOD and God made me rich in spirit and body."

Speaking of body, we are being very careful, this days, listening to the coughing of the children. The new flu is spreading killing many people, especially the children and the elderly people. They say that the best thing to prevent the new flu from spreading is to keep our bodies clean, but you know how difficult it is to keep the growing children clean all the time.  Some children even search for the mud holes to jump in ... and our eight babies are still with diapers.  But our dorm mothers keep loving them and cleaning them.  I thank them hundreds of times a day and thank God for planting this love within all of us.  Someone said that SINCE GOD CAN NOT BE EVERYWHERE, HE SENT MOTHERS INSTEAD."

October is a month we excel MILITARY EVANGELISM. It is no secret that Korea has plenty of soldiers. South Korea needs to be ready against the one million North Korean Army. So we have plenty of troops READY FOR SPIRITUAL HARVEST ALSO.  One reason that autumn is best season for military evangelism has something to do with outdoor evangelism.  Often we have to baptize many of them outdoor in steams, rivers and what not. And it is connected with the characteristic of military evangelism.  Soldiers usually come united as a team. And often they are converted as a team. For instance, it is not unusual that we baptize a whole company, including company commander, battalion commander and what not..  And we are praying and aiming to baptize a whole Army someday.  We may need an ocean to do that, but we keep dreaming.

Yours because of Calvary,


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