October 2010

My dear American Friends:        

It's girls! It's pair of girls. It's a twin girls. Geon Childrens Home received a pair of three months' old girls recently. And they are beautiful. When I look at their peaceful sleeping faces, my imagination jump around all over the house and around the world. I imagine a pair of beautiful Christian singers or a pair of Christian missionaries or may be a pair of Christian nurses, maybe stewardesses ... anyway, some who love people just as Jesus loved us. They say 'too much imagination' is bad for Christian education, they say "teach 'reality' rather than 'imagination'. But I imagine on the lives of everyone of our 80 children. I dream on the lives of every one of them. And I tell them so too. They may not believe me, but I keep telling them. In fact, once a while, I take my children to flowery hills and streams and do what I call 'IMAGINATION EXERCISE'. I ask them to close their eyes and open their minds to the world of imagination! And then I ask them to tell me their imaginations...'what they imagine to be in their future! (I call it 'imagination exercise.') I saw so much love coming back in their lives... so many flowers blooming in their future!
Actually these twin girls are the CHILDREN OF NORTH KOREAN DEFECTORS. Whole family escaped North Korea and wandered through the continent of China, while being sought by the North Korean agents and being chased by the Chinese police constantly. Eventually the father died and mother became mentally sick and girls ended up in our Home. Actually, North Korea is only 20 miles from our Home, but in between South and North Korea, there are three miles of demilitarized zone full of mines, not to speak of the walls of heavily armed guards, barbed wire, tanks, cannons and planes. So, the defectors have to escape to China, but China is also a huge communistic atheistic country and there are no places where these defectors can rest or stretch their legs. They are always under the threat of being caught and being forced back to the infamous North Korean concentration camps, where rats are good friends as well as good food. It's truly the march of death. And these girls survived, I don't know how, but they survived at the end of the March.
But some North Korean Christians say that concentration camps are where the people find Christian faith, and Christian love and turn to Christ. There, they meet true Christians enduring the persecution and exercising Christian love. In fact, one North Korean Christian told me that the prisons may be the best place for Christians to communicate with each other, because they carve their messages on prison walls, perhaps before their starvation and executions. It's where they exercise Christian love caring for the weak and dying. I remember, when I was in the communist prison during the war (I was imprisoned by the communists for a month before I made a escape, because I refused to join their army), a fellow Christian prisoners gave me a piece of blackened cotton to cover my stomach at night to protect from catching cold, or a handle-less spoon which was better than bare hands and those gifts of love planted Christ's Love within me and it kept growing... I call it 'EVOLUTION OF LOVE'. And there is nothing more powerful than the evolution of love.
As you might have guessed, I am back in Korea and working hard. I am not completely well, but I feel better and I miss my children. When I come back from a long trip, my children want some sort of gifts from me, and it's not easy to find gifts for 80 children... maybe a new pencil each or an eraser... And in many cases, my children give me 'COMING BACK GIFTS'... like pictures they drew, pretty stone they picked up, broken ball pen, a chewing gum saved? and I thank them. I always thank them for whatever they saved for, even for chewed up chewing gum, for IT'S THE LOVE THAT COUNTS. Another thing I try to do, I listen to them. The orphaned children tend to close their lips like it was sewn with thread (Korean expression), but within their mind, they want to talk, so when they start to talk, I drop everything and listen to them. Jesus wanted to talk with the children. He said, "Do not stop the children to come to me..."
Yours because of Calvary,

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