October 2011

My dear American Friends:

Jesus is a great eraser! Not only did He erase our sin when we believed, repented and was baptized in His Name, But also He erase some of our past bad memories as the time passes by. At our Geon Children's Home, we have not a few children who came with painful memories... a teenage girl who was raped by her own step-father, a boy who was constantly beaten by his drunken father, etc, etc..... in fact, not a few of our children feel that they were abandoned by their own family. And the scars in their heart remain for long long time. In fact, one teenage girl used to say 'I hate my mother' who died giving a birth to this little girl. She is a big girl now and helps to take care of our little babies. She confessed to me, one time, "I don't hate my mother now. I probably was a beautiful baby like one of these. As I think of the pain of my mother who had to leave a beautiful baby like I probably was and DIE, I love her now because of her loving pain." It brought tears to my eyes. JESUS IS A GREAT ERASER.

A couple of our workers are defectors from North Korea. And they have painful memories of being tortured at Communists' concentration camp... sort of stories that make you shudder even by hearing. I do not think that I can live through those kinds of painful experience. But they did! They came through by keeping their faith. In fact, one of the ladies was forced by the captors to write 'confession of crime against the government' and she wrote 'confession of faith' instead. Not only did they, by faith, survive through the experience, but also, they want to go back there someday and evangelize the communists. They are saving some of their salaries and buying Bibles, to give to the communists someday. It's this kind of Christian Love THAT CAN CONQUER THE WORLD!

Frankly our Christian University is going through some difficulties. Not only our country is trying to close down some of the smaller schools like us (to the Korean government, any Colleges under 1000 students are smaller Colleges), but also some of the organizations are turning against us trying to take over our school. I am fighting for the University and they are creating and spreading all sort of rumors. I need your prayers. I am trying to turn my left cheek.... but it's not easy. I like the way Stephen started his sermon in Acts 7:1, toward those people who will eventually stone Stephen to death. "Brethren and fathers...(Acts 7:1)" In fact, I like the way he died (Acts 7: 55) ... "looked up and saw the Glory of God, and Jesus standing on the right hand of God." I usually read in the Bible that Jesus SAT on the right hand of God. But this time, JESUS WAS STANDING! I bet Jesus could not sit down anymore seeing this great warrior of Faith coming Home triumphantly... I bet Jesus had to stand and could hardly wait!

I was asked by a newspaper to write about "CHRIST'S HUMOR." And I started to think. I think He had lots of humor. There may be no statements in the Bible that He laughed, But He gave joy to so many people as He taught and He said many humorous stories such as 'prodigal son,' 'building a house on the sand' ‘sleeping brides without oil' etc. I bet He was smiling as He talked to the Samaritan woman or little Zachaeus. The other day, I attended a service where a prayer leader said a joke in his prayer and people laughed. I am not sure if I liked it at the moment, but later, I thought 'why not? why not say a joke in prayer? why not laugh in prayer?' I don't think that I still have a nerve to say a joke in my prayer, but it made me think.

October, that is Autumn, has many memorial days. The biggest is of course the Thanksgiving day. We also have Thanksgiving celebration and people bring the first crops, first off springs to Church like chickens. During the service, they - chickens - preach their own sermons and even lay an egg as offering. There is also Social Workers day. I took our workers out for lunch. One of them came to the restaurant with a wash-rag hanging. I said 'SOCIAL WORKERS ARE LIKE WASH RAGS.' We try to clean where there are trash, trials and tears. And in the mean time, we keep getting dirtier and older. So what? This is our work, and that is our Crosses!

Yours because of Calvary,



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