October 2012

My dear American Friends:

Once a while, about once a year, I ask my children to write letters to God. And then we send them to God by PRAYER-MAIL. But I get to read some of them after a while. Last summer, they wrote letters after an enjoyable summer camp. And I found some of the younger children saying "We had great time God, wish you were here."

To me, the most difficult age is the 2nd year of the Jr. High. In that age, it seems to me that, someone else is living within themselves. We have over thirty teenagers and we feel like having more than sixty. I guess it's growing process, process to be independent, and we need GEAR-CHANGE in our part. The other day, one of our children ran away and we searched all over Seoul city of twelve million people for three days and nights. When we were exhausted and came back, we found him sleeping in a corner of his room. He told me later that while he was sleeping in the streets, he thought of a story he heard from me. It was the story of the prodigal son.

Our God is good in changing gears. He stops and waits when we are walking through the mud-hole of life. When our feet are tired, he slows and walks 3-MILE AN HOUR. He is a good phase maker. I remember that God took forty years to lead His people through the desert to the promised land. Even to Peter who denied Jesus three times, instead of scolding, He asked kindly "Do you love me?"

Even in this age of computers, He keeps his phase and walks 3 miles an hour. I confess that I can not keep up with this age of computers. I use computers, but once something goes wrong, I am right back on the desert. On internet and cell-phones, I am just as blind if not dead. But I know that on our children's televisions and computers, I have to watch out at least 3Ss... Sex, Suicide and Show syndrome. I am afraid that some of today's teenagers, influenced by TVs and internet, commit undesirable sex acts. Believe or not, not a few teens, commit suicides, inspired by TV and internet. And some young people run away wanting to be like show people on TVs. And I am watching with my eyes wide open.

Did you know that the third Tuesday of September is the UN sanctioned "The WORLD PEACE DAY"? And did you know that the sanction of the day was originally proposed and promoted by the Korean University presidents at the 1981 World University president's Convention? (remember I was one university president at that time?) And did you know that 1981 was the time when Korea was not fully recovered from the destruction of the Korean War... that is, we were still in the status of semi-war.... in fact we are still in the status of cease fire).

On this year's memorial day of the World Peace, I was privileged to preach in front of the Church leaders and dignitaries. My theme was "Peace of God" and the scripture was 1st Peter 3: 11. "SEEK PEACE AND PURSUE IT." My points were; Our God's peace is positive peace, it's actions of peace. Peace will never be the reality if we just talk about it. In fact, I remember attending 'Symposium on Peace' one time and the arguments were getting so excited and hot among the forum members that it turned into a fight and ended hating each other.

I used to take my children's choir to the prisons and have them sing. They liked to sing a song from Isaiah 11: 6-9. And when a five year old girl sing a solo in the refrain 'babies play in the poison snakes den...' three thousand inmates were breathless and tears fell from their eyes. They were thirsty for peace. And verse 9 ends "for the earth will be full of the Word of the Lord." The WORLD PEACE IS POSSIBLE ONLY WHEN THE WORLD OBEYS THE WORD OF THE LORD!

Please pray for;

1, Our teenagers that they will overcome the difficulties of the growth and keep away from 3S.

2. There will be Peace, God's Peace in Korea and the rest of the world as soon as possible.

Yours because of Calvary,




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