October 2013


My dear American Friends:

Once a while, we take our children to a major (Korean) soccer ball game, (And we usually have number of children who want to be soccer champions when they grow up) or to a baseball game (and we usually have not a few children who want to be baseball players). I am not really looking forward to a house-full of soccer players or baseball players, nor do we have ball-proof windows. I am not a sportsman myself and I don't know much, but once a while, on autumn weather like these days, I try to play what we call 'CATCH BALL' with our children. It's just throwing a ball to each other to and fro and I am really enjoying it. Not only we enjoy it, but also I feel that we are getting to know each other much closer. I feel that, if more fathers and their children played 'catch ball' together, it probably saved lots of suicides and divorces, and some of our children didn't have to come to our Children's Home.

You probably know that the word 'HUMAN BEING' in Korean language (or Chinese or Japanese) is the 'distance' or 'relationship' between people. It's the 'relationship' between people and the proper 'communication' of the parties that results in either 'peace' or 'war.' That's why I encourage our workers to 'catch ball' with the children. I feel that the communion service is a sort of 'catch ball' with God, "Catching God's Love and throwing our Love to Him." I must say that during our Communion services, many miracles are happening. I know at least two almost broken marriages, God welded together through the communion services.

Korea has the earlier Thanksgiving day. It's called, CHOO SUK, THE MOON FESTIVAL, and the people celebrate a few days, visiting parents, ancestors' tombs and thanking HEAVEN. They say that, in North Korea, Choo Suk is only day that people can travel without 'travel permit.' We Christians, also celebrate Choo Suk, as it is national holiday, but Christians bring the early crops, fruits and nuts to the Church and thank God for the harvest. One time, a Church member brought an live chicken and tied to the pulpit leg for offering. (And the chicken preached its own sermon). After the service, some Churches bring the crops, fruits and nuts to our Children's Home and our children go nuts on that day.

We are starting the repair and remodeling project of our old building. We have moved our children to the corners of dinning hall, class rooms, library, office etc., and as you say ‘we are like sardines in cans.' But our children are looking forward to move into the wider and nicer rooms before winter. We are learning to be patient. All through my life, I have always had the problem of 'waiting' and 'trusting.' But I know that God is training me. He took forty years to train and prepare the people of Israel to enter the promised land. Someone said that God walks THREE MILES AN HOUR. And I know that it took many years to start our Christian University.

Last month, we lost one of our missionaries in Russia. He was one of our graduates and has been working in Russia for over 20 years. I taught him, I graduated him, I married him and his family was sent to Vladivostok, Russia, where the temperature could go down 30-40 below zero. I remember visiting him and I found my tear and snivel froze to ice and icicles. He started a Church there, and a Bible school. He passed away while preaching at Church. I heard that his last word was "I am going Home." I am not sure if he meant Heaven or Korea. it could be both. Actually, we all go back, in our death, both Heaven and Home-town, where our heavenly Father is waiting. To us, Christians, there are no 'good bye's', and we always meet again. So, we only say "SEE YOU AGAIN."

Please pray for;

1. HUE HYUN who wants to be a Christian Social Worker.

2. Our repairing and remodeling project and buy a brick (50 Cent) project .

3. My head-ache will go away. It started when I had Shingles and getting serious.

Yours because of Calvary,



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