October 2014


My dear American Friends:

“Thank You for today.” This prayer means so much more to me these days. During my speaking tour through churches, I slipped on a dark stairway and rolled down to the first floor. Emergency hospital CT scans showed some brain hemorrhage, and I asked John, my son, to complete the tour in my place. Please pray for me, my wife, and my son. Like one of our children wrote on his letter to the sponsor, “I am fine as long as God is fine.”

I probably mentioned about “the famine of batteries” (to listen to our radio messages) in North Korea. I may also say that they have “famine of love”...even family love. In a country like North Korea, family system is not important. They teach children that their dictator is their father and they have to hang pictures of their dictators(instead of their family pictures) in every home and office. And besides, they plant government spies in every family...that is, someone of every family is a secret government spy. And the spies report every movement of the families to the government. (You may not believe me, but this is true. Every defector from North Korea will witness). So there is also FAMINE OF THE FAMILY LOVE!

But CAN YOU REALLY DESTROY THE FAMILY LOVE? Can you really destroy love period? No! “Love never fails,” the Bible says. “Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, and endures all things.” 1 Cor. 13:7 says. No one can destroy real love and family love is usually real love. And our children of the North Korean defectors are the witnesses of that real family love. Their parents (in many cases, one parent) escaped from North Korea for the future of these children and traveling through many dangers in China, Vietnam, Laos, and whatnot, risking their lives and protecting these children with their lives, eventually reached South Korea. Many died while traveling, and even those who finally reached South Korea, they were so exhausted that they ended up in the mental hospitals. That’s why these children are living with us! Truly they are the fruits of the family love.

And now, they learned of God’s love...God’s eternal love, depthless love. It’s something like the travel, as far as I know, of American pilgrims. The pilgrims had to risk the dangers of the sea travel for many months, and endured the dangers of the cold weather, wild animals, uncultivated soil, and Indian arrows...but Love never fails! Not only American Love survived and now American Love is protecting the world! And I believe the same thing in Korea, LOVE WILL NEVER FAIL. Gospel Love will win eventually…

Real hunger is in the heart of men and women no matter where they may be...especially in the heart of the oppressed North Korean people...hunger for peace, hunger for freedom, hunger for love, and many, many more. They are crying inside “FREEDOM OR DEATH!” And sooner or later, their cry will blast out. I already see the signs here and there…
So far, North Korean dictators have been able to keep the people under control by the weapon such as RATIONING. They ration everything from radios to rice. And I am afraid that rice-line is life-line in North Korea. That is, North Korean people are enduring under the brutal rule, because they have to eat to survive. I wish I could help them more...I dream of them every night. And I cry and pray with these children every night.

Someone said Christianity is “L” Religion. Jesus came to save the Least, the Lost, the Last. He came as the Light, the Love, and the Life. That’s the Gospel. North Korea may have the nuclear weapons, but we have this Gospel. And Gospel can blast all weapons on Earth!

Yours because of Calvary,


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