October 2015

My dear American Friends:

I think that God's Love is more like an oval shape rather than a circle. It has two centers...LOVE AND RIGHTEOUSNESS. I feel that that's why Christ Jesus had to die on the Cross. He loved us so much and yet somebody had to pay the price of the Sin!

I am afraid that I am having hard time, especially when I had to scold a child. It usually turns out to be either too much love or too much anger...the other day, a couple of our children drew pictures all over our new wall and I had to scold them...and I confess that I was not good balancing love and righteousness.

Talking sbout wall-paper, Korean Churches' History has a great story about wall paper. The first Foreign Christian missionary landed in Korea, on an American ship, in 1846. But as soon as he landed, he was killed by the sword. However, just before he was killed, he handed a Chinese Gospel tract to the man who was killing, and said, "TAKE THIS AND IT WILL SAVE YOU AND YOUR COUNTRY!" The killer couldn't read the Chinese, although intelligent Korean people at that time used Chinese characters as well, used it for his house's WALL PAPER. As the years passed, some intelligent people visited the house for various reasons and started to read the Gospel tracts on the wall. They were influenced and decided to start a Church. Do you know that that's how our first Church was started! Truly, the Words of God works in mysterious way!

Another kind of scolding I may have to do once a while is to make them stop talking during the worship. The children are children and they have lots to talk about. Especially during the season of autumn, they have lots to talk about not only to each other, but also to flowers and birds and even to the pews and books of the Church. We have 70 children and you try to keep them silent!...you have to keep pounding the pews or your head or something. But a child whistled during the prayer and we could not stop him. After the prayers, we asked him why and he answered "I have been praying that I could whistle and tried it to see if God answered." I COULD NOT SCOLD HIM.

Talking about noise, having 13 babies is to hear lots of babies' cry. And I found out that all they want is to BE HELD HIGHER IN SOMEBODY'S ARMS...so we keep hugging them and holding them. But we need the more huggers and holders! Actually, when we move babies to the hospital, we use cars and sometimes backs of the dorm-mothers (babies like the backs better) and when the babies cry, it's almost emergency cars.

Do you know that there are thousands of people in North Korea who need and want to be held and saved? So they try to escape from North Korea risking their lives and majority of them are either caught or killed during the escape! I know it because we are taking care of some of their survived children at our Home. To the North Korean people, the freedom is just as urgent and needed as the air or sunlight. But, in North Korea, even their secret vote is already printed and sealed by the government. In some of their elections, people do not know whom they are voting for or just one candidate. There is a story that one voter complained that he wants to see whom he is voting for. And the official answered, "No! Don't you know that it's secret vote."

Actually, the last Sunday of September was a big Moon celebration called CHOO SUK. It is a sort of Thanksgiving celebration for parents and anscesters, and for the children who grew up in our Home, we are their only parents and anscesters. So, they come with their children and even grand-children. It's a day that our Home's population grow two, three times. We treat them with fresh crops, fruits and nuts and they go nuts on that day. HAPPY CHOOSUK DAY!


1. Lee Shafer, our Chairman of the Board, is having difficult heart surgery.

2. Our babies and their health. Most of them came from the Baby boxes and not healthy.

Yours because of Calvary,


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