October 2017

My dear American Friends:

Autumn is here. Our hills are full of autumn flowers. And so are the hair of our girl children. I used to say to the girls who get married "When you get married, I can not give you much, but I will buy you a cabinet each with full of flowers." But now a days, I may have to send them with just flowers., or (may be, just a cabinet). But I told them that I can give them something that can fill the cabinet with anything they want. It's THE POWER OF PRAYERS! I really do not know if they were encouraged or discouraged!

Last month, I am afraid that I had to visit the hospitals many times, because I was sick. And I read many scriptures waiting at the lobby. I came across John 11:4 where Jesus said, concerning Lazarus' sickness "This sickness is not unto death, but for the glory of God..." Perhaps my sickness is for the glory of God also... May be, God is using even my sickness,...I better be a good sicker(patient) for God! Early next month, I am going to Japan to speak at their National Convention. I was forced to learn Japanese language under their occupation when I was little. And did not want to use them again. But now I am using the knowledge to preach the Gospel! What strange way God is working!

Korean political situation is not getting any better. In fact, it is getting more serious everyday.(in the politians's words, there is already a war in this area). In case of energency, I thought of the old air-raid shelter which were used during the Second World War and Korean War, but in these days of neuclear, I don't know if they are any use. Anyway, we are under God's Love and Protection! And we are working hard!

For Korean people, there are two major holidays. One is New Year's day and another is Full-moon day called CHOO SUK which is in October. It's more like Thanksgiving day and our children also dress up and visit the ancesters and parents. To our children, whether they are still living with us or graduated, Kook Ja and I are their ONLY PARENTS, so our Home is usually full of big and small people and will have great time, great worship service around the full moon, with our children and grand children.

I fly a lot., visiting Churches and mission stations. One time, I sat by an aged lady and the plane was shaking rather extra-ordinarily. And the lady asked me "Do you think that it's all right?." I answered "It's all right." but what I really meant was "It's all right whether we are alive or dead."

One time, I was riding with a teenage girl who seemed like that it was her first flight. She seriously asked "If your plane is crashing, and if you had five minutes to write to your daughter, what would you say?" I found out later that she lost her father by a plane accident and he didn't have time to write to her daughter. I answered "I would say, "‘Remember that I love you and God loves you.’" She seemed to be happy to hear that. But I was terribly serious, and busy(in mind) as well, as I have not a few sons and daughters.

But the best day for our children, especially for our babies, are their birthdays. Before they came to our Home, nobody remembered their birthdays., the children didn't know if they had birthdays. Some of our babies were just left out in an empty box of a Church not knowing where it is, until they were picked up and eventually reached our Home. So, their birthdays mean a great deal more than the other children. We celebrate them as something special; new birthday dress, birthday food, birthday toys and what not. Rejoyce with us, they are alive, healthy and happy!

Yours because of Calvary,


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