October 2018

My dear American Friends:

The other day, I cried with an entire hospital. I was asked to preach at a chapel of a brain specialist hospital and I preached from a whole chapter of Psalm 77. I started from “crying at night” and “no sleep” which must have struck a chord as someone started to cry. Soon, almost all the patients were crying. But the chapter doesn’t end with crying. It ends with the victory of the Red Sea parting and Moses shouting “Go forward!” So all we have to do is to “Go forward,” through the Res Sea and through the crying at nights.

Actually, in our Geon Christian Children’s Home chapel, there is a big picture of God parting the Red Sea. Our children chose that picture, as they wished that their path will be parted like the Red Sea and many people come to see that picture. In fact, I go to see that picture whenever my spirit is low, even at the dark of the night, and it lifts up my spirit like full-moon on Choosuk day. CHOOSUK day is our way of Thanksgiving celebration. We sing hymns almost all day and night around the full-moon and eat the autumn harvest of the rice, fruits, nuts, etc. and go nuts all day.

Actually, we are also holding BAZAAR and our workers are busy setting up tent stores and hamburger shops etc…also old clothings, diapers and what not. They are good workers. To us, our workers are angels. We had very hot summer and our workers worked hard. They changed diapers and washed all night. And they are good Christians too. They shed sweat and tear all day and night. In a sermon one time, I told an old story about a SALT DOLL. The doll saw a sea and wanted to know what sea is. The sea kept saying “come closer” and the doll kept going…until the salt doll melted and disappeared…then the salt finally said, “Ah, I met the sea!” We are trying hard until we meet God and disappear. There is also an old story of BUTTERFLY wanting to meet the FIRE. The fire kept inviting the butterfly “come closer.” The butterfly went closer until the butterfly was burnt and died. And then the butterfly said “I met the fire.”

We are planning many things in October, including visiting the COUNTRY CHURCHES and Churches in the other countries such as TAIWAN, etc. Taiwan is a small country where many missionaries shed their blood in order to plant the Gospel seeds. I remember an old story of an early worker and preacher who worked among the old cannibals. In order to stop the custom, the preacher said “On the next festival day, a red-coated man will take a walk in the forest, catch him and kill him if you want.” The cannibals did, and found him to be the preacher. That’s how he stopped the horrible custom. I heard it from a Taiwan Christian. THANK GOD FOR HIS CROSS!

Yours because of Calvary,


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