September 2003

My dear American friends:                  

 Here it is!  Our new building.  The bottom floor is dining hall
where all our children can dine together at one time.  The
first floor is the office and the second floor is the library
with play-therapy rooms.  Many of our children come handicapped 
physically and mentally.  Some are battered children with 
scars all over their bodies.  They are also mentally withdrawn.
They are afraid of people.  They don't want to meet people.  
And then there are children who were starving in the streets.
They are hungry for love.  They will cling to anybody who 
shows some sign of love.  We feel that the healing of their
mind is the priority project.  WE FEEL THAT WE CAN HEAL THEM 
by playing with them and with different kind of educational 
toys.  That's the purpose of these play-therapy rooms.

We plan to open this library not only to our children, but to
all the children who want to come and study or play.  We live
in the district of Kangsuh-gu.  You will be surprised to hear
that in this district of a half of million people, THERE IS 
NO, NOT ONE CHILDREN'S LIBRARY.  There are many so called 
"PC room," or "Comic book room," where they charge children 
to play with personal computers, or read comic books.  These
"PC rooms" are mostly open all night, and some children play
games all night, or some adults spend all night there playing
with different sex.  And we don't want our children to go 
there.  That's why we are opening this library to all 

Korea has been under the influence of Confucianism for thousands
of years and Confucianism is strict on morals...they do not 
permit different gender even to be in a same room with different
gender."  That's why, usually Korean schools (Middle school 
and up) have boys' school and girl's school.  In the College 
level, Euhwa Women's University is famous world-wide.  In the
Church level also, it used to be that there were men's sector
and women's sector.  Even today, many families will separate 
once they step into the Church.  In fact, there were time (in
my childhood for instance) THERE USED TO BE A CURTAIN IN 
rather difficult to call on Church members.  I used to instruct
my students, ALWAYS OPEN THE DOOR WIDE when calling on women
members.  Actually, we have what we call "Bible women"(more 
like lady evangelists) in every Church who either call on 
women Church members or accompany pastor when he goes calling.
But then, there are also some scandalous stories between the 
pastors and Bible women too.  So, for me, when I call on women's 
house, I accompany more than two women.  I am not sure if it 
makes any sense to you...let me just say that I am glad that 
Christ made me free....

I spent one month in the U.S. ordaining some Korean ministers
and trying to start another Korean Church etc., in addition 
to some medical treatment, but I had to come back for orphanage
work and plan to go again later for School of Missions etc.  
It may not be easy for a man of my age and my health, but I 
figure that I don't have many years left to do this kind of 
traveling work, and I WANT TO RUN TO THE FINISH LINE.

Yours because of Calvary,