September 2004 

My dear American Friends: 

"THE OLD PEOPLE ARE THE HOPE OF THE WORLD." I heard someone say. At first, I didn't understand. Lot of people say "The youth are the hope of the world." Some even say "The babies are the hope...." But this man said "The olds are the hope!" But why not! If the older people do not teach "The way of the Lord" to the young people, this world has no hope. If the older people do not lead the young people to "the way of the righteousness," this world has no hope. I know one of our older Church member who is suffering the Alzheimer's disease. He hardly speaks and he doesn't understand most of time. In fact, he wanders around most of time. One time, it took us three days to find him sleeping in a railroad station bench. But he never forgets one word "Amen!" He was brought home one day by a social worker who offers "food" to the homeless people. She said that this man often invites himself to their tables. He never says anything, he never remembers, but he always say "Amen" before he eats and that inspired lot of people including this social worker and eventually led her to Church. I have no other word to say about this but "Amen!"

The other day, I was talking to some of our preachers and I said, "If I start another Church, I like to name it 'Nameless Church.'" And one younger preacher said, "Do you plan to start another Church in your age?" Actually, his question surprised me, because I somehow never thought myself  "too old to start a Church." Indeed I like to start another Church, I would rather start many Churches than building one big Church. In fact, I just started "HWANWON (Restoration) AWARD" to be given starting this year, to the person who started many Christian Churches. Anyway, I like to start another Church and want to name it "Nameless Church," because I feel that it's what the "Restoration Movement" is all about...Isn't "No Name but Christ" one of our plea? In fact, I feel that our movement should be called "NAMELESS MOVEMENT." Actually, one of the impressions I received at the World Convention of the Christian and Churches of Christ was this...that our Churches are changing...which is good and bad..."good" in the way that the movement is becoming "nameless"... "bad" in the way that our movement is losing its plea!

I spent one week at Oregon sea-side at a Mission camp called "Winema Week of Missions." There were more than one thousand attendance. We missionaries had to speak constantly, but it was a great week, actually a very relaxing week, talking with young pure hearts and meeting some of the older friends. And I still think that they are the hope of the world. In fact, I talked a great deal about the older Christians in North Korea who are trying their best to plant faith in the hardened hearts of their descendants. Their voice may not be loud, they may not live long, still their words are the hope of North Korea. In fact, we received a letter sometime ago from an old Christian in North Korea. The letter said "I am an old Christian. I am sick and dying. But I was saved hearing the preaching of the word sixty years ago. Many friends left me and many Christians were killed. There are no Churches around and no one to teach us, but Jesus Christ is still my Lord. My prayer is that my children will know Christ also and will be saved. Please pray, NOT FOR MY HEALTH, NOT FOR MY FREEDOM, but that my children will know Jesus Christ."

The last four days of August, I visited some Children's Homes in Japan. The facilities were superb, convenient and beautiful. The baby toilets, almost the toy-like lavatories and washbasins were the most impressive. The people were well dressed too, but there were just as many abused and abandoned children in Japan also. I guess, like the Bible said "Man's life consist not in the abundance of his possessions." The preaching of the Word is only and last Hope of the world. That's why, I am teaching, this semester, at a graduate class of Seoul Christian University, "THE HOMILETICS PRACTICUM," and one of the assignment would be the reports of the "street preaching."

Yours because of Calvary,


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