My dear American Friends: 

 I have just come back from Viet Nam. Actually, I went to Cambodia first. The news of a new wave of persecution on Christians in Viet Nam reached us, so we went to Cambodia. And the first Church I preached was not far from the "KILLING FIELD." Actually, we visited the killing field, where more than three million people were murdered within a period of one year some thirty years ago, by the Khmer Communist terrorists. In that field, not only there were hundreds of small memorial towers, but also there were still human bones everywhere. In that area, if you dig even today, you will find lot of skeletons. In fact, when one Korean missionary started a Church there and built a small building, he said that he dug out more bones than rocks. But THERE STANDS A CHURCH NOW, higher than any other memorial towers! And I preached there in the first Sunday. The second day was a Church in a sort of jungle. There were so many trees and some of them were coconut trees. After the service, some young men climbed trees and treated us with flesh coconut drinks. It was not really building, because it was swamp area, they had four pillars and straw roof, and practically nothing else. There were pigs and dogs and they worshipped with us too, although they licked more than they prayed. I had two interpreters, one Vietnamese and one Cambodian. I spoke in Korean and the Korean missionary translated into Vietnamese and another young men translated into Cambodian language. Of Course, I never knew what the last man said, and when the last man finished, I almost forgot what I said before, but THEY LAUGHED ANYWAY WHEN I LAUGHED, AND THEY CRIED WHEN I CRIED! Still Cambodia was THE ONLY FREE COUNTRY, that is, free to worship, among those four Indochina countries; Viet Nam, Laos, Myanmar and Cambodia. In the country like Viet Nam, for instance, many preachers were imprisoned, even when I was there. In those communist countries, if it is a meeting of more than six people, they have to report and get permission. And of course, they do not permit Christians to have regular meetings. That's why Christian meetings have to be secret, and I preached in several secret meetings. In fact, one day, I taught a Bible College class, and we had three men watching if any police were approaching. Actually, it was a national holiday, still there were fifty two students, meeting in a dark damp basement in the over ninety degree summer day sweating like fountains. And I had to sweat like water-fall myself, but I never taught such a serious body of students before, hungry and thirsty for the Words of Life. And there are many millions of people in this world who are hungry and thirsty for the Words of Life and Hope. 

We have a child, at Geon Home, who lost her father by the plane accident some years ago. One day, I found her sitting alone, after service, at the Church pew thinking. I tried to help her, if possible, so I approached her. And she asked me this question. "If you have a plane accident and you are dying. And if you have only a few moments to write a letter to your children, what would you say?" I really had to think through, but I answered "I would write, 'MY LITTLE DAUGHTER, DON'T FORGET THAT I LOVE YOU AND GOD LOVES YOU. I SHALL BE WATCHING YOU AND LOVING YOU FROM HEAVEN. IF YOU NEED HELP, PLEASE PRAY AND GOD WILL HELP YOU.'" I saw her face brightening up, and she said, "I am sure that's what my father would have written me, if he had a chance. I just wanted to hear those words. Thank you for speaking for my father." It seemed that she was sad because her father didn't leave her a note. So, her face brightened when I told her what he would have written if he had a chance. Perhaps, these words of mine might not make any sense to you, but it's good to think what I would say if I had only a few minutes to write to the loved ones. There are so many people in this world who are dying to hear those words. I am glad that I HAD A CHANCE TO SPEAK FOR HER FATHER! 

Yours because of Calvary, 


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