My dear American Friends:

Your prayers have been answered! Our prayers have been answered! 19 Christian hostages kidnapped by the Afghanistan terrorists have been freed after 45 days of ordeal. They went there to spread the Love of God as doctors, nurses, teachers and missionaries. And they were captured. After first two were killed including a preacher; then two sick women were freed. When these ladies were freed, the captor told a real story to the journalists. The story was that one of the women who was first selected to be freed declined saying "I am getting better. You can free another woman instead."  So another woman was selected and freed. Believe me, this was a matter of life and death. She could be killed if she declined, but she did, by Christian Love. This is no doubt that this Christian Love made a deep impression to the hearts of the terrorists. The terrorist did not have to mention it, but he did. And later on, all the hostages were freed. In the Islamic world, one can die in order to kill the others, but they don't die to make the others live! I think that THIS IS THE VICTORY OF CHRISTIAN LOVE! Besides, one of their two conditions freeing all the hostages was to stop sending Christian missionaries. They must be so afraid of this great Christian Love.

I have another prayer request. One of our children, Fwe Hyun, is sick, very sick, sick of cancer. We never had cancer among our children. But she has cancer. According to doctor, the cancer is so big that they can not operate it now. So she is going through the therapy of numerous injections. When I went to see her yesterday, she was crying by the pain. But she smiled to me and asked me to pray. It hurts me to think of her pain even after the pain of being abandoned by the world as an orphan. I prayed. I prayed hard, but frankly, I wished that I could do something for her more than prayers. So I am asking you to pray for her. the pain is something that we can not always explain to a little child. But we know that EVEN PAIN IS NOT USELESS, like the pain of child birth. So, I believe that God is preparing something good, something wonderful, for her life. We just wish that the belief will soothe her pain even a little.

I mentioned a couple of months ago about the Restoration Award I received from Lincoln Christian College and Seminary. A Christian Newspaper decided to write about it, as it was the first award of that kind conferred to a foreign worker. Since it was reported in a Korean newspaper, I received lots of telephone calls asking about "What is restoration?" So I had lots of chances to explain about the movement to return to the Bible, to return to the original Church. I believe that the newspaper article has been lots of help to explain "Who is Christ?" or "What is the Christian Church?" I am trying to send you a copy of the Newspaper article.

The Newspaper article also talked about the great convention we had last month... What was so great about the convention was that NOBODY COMPLAINED and everybody thanked  everybody. It was so crowded that we had to clear all the chairs and there were people packed even on the platform. People had to eat sitting on the floor. Some people did not even have spoon and they had to drink soup with chopsticks (and they did too), but they didn't complain. In the Communion, we had to serve more than six thousand people and it took more than thirty minutes, but they didn't complain. They had to walk more than thirty minutes between the Convention hall and the hotels, but they didn't complain. Truly, it was like a little bit of Kingdom of Heaven, and why not. Jesus said, "Kingdom of God is in your midst."

But our Convention is not over. The convention will continue as long as we live in His Church on this earth. Nay, the greatest Convention will come when we go to Heaven. Realistically, we are working toward the World Convention of the Christian Churches and Churches of Christ in 2016, and the Centennial of the Korean Christian Churches. Whether I shall celebrate it on this earth or in Heaven is no problem... I SHALL CELEBRATE IT ANYWAY! We are only a piece of clay on His Potter's Wheel. He is the One Who will complete my life!

 Yours because of Calvary,


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