Sept.. 2008

My dear American Friends:

Beijin Olympic was beautiful! But I know some people who were ordered out of the city and forced to move and are living in misery because of the Olympic. The opening and closing ceremonies were fantastic! But I know not a few fake factors that you might not have heard of...such as fake singers who were singing only with lips while real singers were hiding; fake actors who supposed to represent various races in China, but actually they were just members of a favorite choir; gymnastic girls whose ages were fake etc. To them, that is, to the Atheistic Communistic world, the truth doesn't mean much as the "End justifies the means," they say. You can easily see the fallacy in the North Korea's promise of the nuclear disarmament. Also, the way they train the athletes is more like preparation of the war, so THEY ARE MAKING MACHINES and not the athletes. In the first place, there is no human rights in the communistic world. They are only tools for their goal. I am not devaluating the Olympic, I am just warning the world the danger of the communistic atheism and emphasizing again the need of mission to the communistic countries like China, North Korea, Viet Nam etc.

I am about to make another trip to China to teach and train the North Korean Christians who come over the border risking their lives. It means that they are risking their lives to attend these classes. And I can see that they are trying not to miss any words out of our mouth. When I went to study at a Bible College in America some fifty years ago, I was so eager to study and save my country that I didn't even take time to eat. And I found that the North Korean students are the same. They wouldn't sleep at nights, as they read the scriptures. They tried to memorize every scriptures, because they can not openly read the Bible in North Korea. They even tried to memorize the words in the Hymn, because they can not vocally sing the hymns in North Korea. They are not non-instrumental, they need to be non-voice, just mentally. And if they really want to, they would sing it either by humming or by the tune of a North Korean military songs. Even that, they have to risk their lives. I tell you that THERE ARE PEOPLE IN THIS WORLD WHO HAVE TO RISK THEIR LIVES EVEN TO SING A CHRISTIAN HYMN.

I would like to mention another one of our Korean missionaries who are risking their lives. We have a young couple who are working in a leprosy community, called Lee Chang, near to the southeren border of China. Health-wise, they are risking their lives, but according to their words, Spirit-wise, they are free as birds. Even the communistic government do not care much about this village any more. So it's more like abandoned village. They may have been abandoned by the world, but they are loved by God more than anybody else. And our missionaries were free to evangelize. According to their reports, nine families out of ten resident families accepted Jesus Christ as their Saviour and they are singing the hymns loudly! Actually, MANY OF THEM LOST THEIR VOICE and some of them are without noses, without ears and without eye-sights, damaged by the leprosy. In fact, some of them are without fingers to hold the hymn books, but they are singing to the height of their voice. I am enclosing a picture of them in front of their meeting place.

Our children of Geon Christian Children's Home had a wonderful summer. Most of them attended a summer camp of their ages and some older children attended even a Marine corps camp where they had to go through even some military drills. Actually, we sent them there bacause the cost was reasonable, but our children said that they learned some very precious lessons of their lives. They feel that they grew up quite a bit and they act like it. They show up in time when they are called, even if it's not a meal time, and they get up in time for schools. In fact, even at the dinning hall, they learned to clean up the tables after meals and we appreciate that. In fact, they even learned not to waste the left-overs. I preached on that part of the Bible where Jesus taught the disciples "to GATHER THE LEFT OVERS after feeding more than five-thousands" to the children many times in past, but it seems that they finally learned the lesson in the marine camp. Praise His Name!

Yours because of Calvary,

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