Sept.. 2008

My dear American Friends:
Many people have SPRINTERS IN THEIR SOULS. And like a splinter in flesh, if it is not pulled out in time, it could cause infection and kill a man. Like flesh, mind can be wounded too. Sorrow is a wound, but sorrow is a clean wound and, unless something gets into sorrow like self-pity, bitterness etc., the mind wounded by sorrow will heal. Sin is a wound, but sin is an unclean wound and, unless it is removed from the mind, it will never heal. Some people also have splinters in their bodies. Paul had splinters. He said, “there was given me a thorn in my flesh.” Martin Luther had a thorn and he called it “Satan’s arrow.” I also have a thorn. I have constant headache and also pain in the legs. Doctor said that I have bad kidney problem and I confess that now I have diabetes.
I am writing this letter in the USA going through a series of medical check-ups and treatment and I am also speaking around the Churches as much as I can. Last few Sundays, I spoke at many Korean Churches. Perhaps I did not write much, but A PART OF OUR WORK IS IN THE USA. It started when I was teaching at San Jose Christian College. There were not a few Korean people in the area (as many as thirty thousand in San Jose, CA alone and in San Francisco  and Sacramento as many) and I wanted to start a Korean Church. Of course, they could go to American Churches, but without understanding English, their sermons couldn’t give them the power to live in the strange country. So I started the first Korean Christian Church in 1985 in the Bay area and many other Churches sprang up since. I also started TV evangelism around that year and it helped the Churches to grow. Presently there are about seven Christian Churches in this area and I have been helping about three Churches to start. And that’s another reason I come back once a while. In addition, we, our Mission, are broadcasting Gospel messages through one Korean radio program in the United States.
We can plant many things on earth, but the best and the most urgent we need to plant are the Churches no matter where we may be. One of our missionaries to Indonesia told me this story. He started a little Church and built a little Church building on a hill not far from a resort beach. When they had a big TSUNAMI, it was a Sunday. On that  Sunday morning, hundreds of people awoke and rushed to the beach, not knowing that Tsunami was approaching. And before they knew, they were gobbled up by the waves to be lost. But at the same time, there were a few Christians who went to the Church on the hill to worship God, and they were all saved. This is a true story and it will be true story when Jesus Comes. Those who run to the joy of the world will perish while THOSE WHO RUN TO CHURCH WILL BE SAVED!
Korean people are known to start Churches wherever they go. There is a saying that (I hope that I am not insulting anyone) ‘wherever Chinese go, they open Chinese restaurants, wherever Japanese go, they open gift shops, and wherever Koreans go, they start a Church.’ I do not have the source to back it up, but I hope that it is true. I remember traveling through a jungle in Malaysia (I was visiting a Korean missionary) and was surprised to find a Korean Church there, praying and singing in Korean language right in the midst of a jungle. In fact, it is a true, publicized truth that one Indonesian tribe who didn’t have their own characters to read and write, ADOPTED KOREAN CHARACTERS as their own official tribal characters.
That’s why I believe that there are more Christians and more Churches even in North Korea, more than we know. So far, they preach, pray and praise lying down (that’s the best position to worship in a communist, full of secret police country like North Korea, because, when they are caught, they can always say ‘we were sleeping’) but ONE OF THESE DAYS, THEY ARE GOING TO STAND UP, and together with millions of Christians in South Korea, they will praise the Lord to the top of their voice.(and that is my dream).
Yours because of Calvary,

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