Sept.. 2011

My dear American Friends:

I believe that we will be busy even in Heaven. I know one thing that we will be doing up there, according to Heb. 12, is cheering.... cheering the Christians on earth, as "a cloud of witnesses". Last week, by the invitation of a baseball club, I took some of our older children to a baseball game and we shouted like we never shouted before. Frankly, it was not my favorite team, but we cheered anyway. We needed it after a long long rainy season. It rained so much in Korea, this summer, that everything seemed to be wet. One of our children said, "GOD MUST BE CRYING." He may be right. I believe that God cries seeing the world like this!... so much iniquity, so much destruction, so much bloodshed and what not.

While the rulers fight for power, it's always little children who suffer. I would like to enclose a picture of North Korean orphans, and their sad feelingless faces. When I visited North Korean border, I tried to talk to some of their soldiers and even they are feelingless and wordless. They wouldn't answer my questions. I suppose that being surrounded by the government spies, they learned not to speak. Starting this year, we STARTED TO HELP A CHILDRENS HOME NEAR TO THE BORDER (China and North Korean border. South and N. Korean border is impassable by DMZ) with some defector's children. I am afraid that I can not send you their pictures...their families may still be living in North Korea and they do not want to be exposed.

Our children at Geon Home talk too much. And they ask all kinds of questions. I am afraid that I can not be a walking encyclopedia and besides, I am forgetting lots of things that I used to know. My favorite answer, this days, is "I will ask God, give me some time." God usually gives me answers someway. One great thing about asking God is that you can talk with Him anytime anywhere. Being an international man like I am, I always have to be cautious of the time when I call. Our daytime may be midnight overseas. But like Bible says in Psalm 127: 1, "He gives us sleep and Lord keep the city like a watchman." So you can ask him anytime. In fact, one of our children asked me, one time, 'WHEN DOES GOD SLEEP?" I don't know, but He moves the stars and earth even when we sleep...

Talking about time, I feel that He set the time of the earth just right. There was time, when I had to preach on a Sunday morning in two countries, and I was able to do it... For instance, I preached my Sunday morning sermon in Korea and got on a plane to fly over Pacific ocean for twelve hours. When I got there, IT WAS STILL SUNDAY MORNING, so I preached another Sunday morning sermon.

In some countries, after flying, we arrive in the countries where it is forbidden to have open worship services (you will be surprised to find how many countries forbid to have open services, like Islamic countries and communistic countries like China where foreigners are forbidden to preach, and Churches need to be licensed first. If you preach without permit, you can be jailed for 39 days and until you pay at least $3000 fine.) In a countries like that, we are liable to lower our voice when we lead a prayer. But I know not a few people there, who pray just as loud as they can, like Daniel in the court of King Darius. I want you to know that there are actually hundreds of men and women WHO PRAY TO GOD LOUD in the midst of persecution today!

Did I ever tell you about the first grader of our Geon Children's Home. They found a Ten-Won (Korean money worth about one thousandth of a Dollar. You can not buy anything with it). They had a meeting and decided to take it to the Police station. They were scared, but the police was kind. Of course, the police didn't know what to do with such a small money, but as rewards, the police chief gave each children a hundred Won coin (you can buy one candy). The children were so happy and told me about it, and I told them that it's what's going to happen in Heaven. GOD REWARDS TEN TIMES, HUNDRED TIMES....

Yours because of Calvary,


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