Sept.. 2012

My dear American Friends:

Many years ago, when I was much younger, I baptized 125 strong young men in an hour (that was all the time we were permitted at a prison), and I had a severe back-ache for several days. On August 18th this year, I baptized 40 young men in 30 minutes, and I didn't have any problem. Actually, 60 CHRISTIAN CHURCH & CHURCHES OF CHRIST PREACHERS BAPTIZED 2,400 SOLDIERS ALL TOGETHER IN AN ARMY SWIMMING POOL and there were roars of 'Amens' all over the boot camp! Baptizing soldiers, is, in a way, easier than baptizing older folks or little children, because soldiers learned to obey orders. We have an Army of Christian soldiers here and we want to sing, with you, Glory to God in the Highest!

Oh, I have so many things to report, this month. We train, send and support Korean missionaries all over the world! Many of them are in China close to the North Korean border. They help the defectors and train preachers who came and are going back to North Korea risking their lives. We usually never see them again. If we ever do, they come back with scars of torture all over their bodies. Also some of our missionaires are working in Africa. One of them is working in Kenya and he started a CYBER BIBLE COLLEGE, teaching many students through computers. He is the Korean missionary whose wife was killed in Africa, I wrote you about him some years ago.. But he is still sticking to Africa saving African people.

Computers are now getting popular in Africa and Cyber Bible College is working. Inquiries are coming by hundreds, but they are short of lessons. If you happen to know people or place where we can contact for College level ENGLISH BIBLE LESSONS IN C.D, please let us know. I personally met and know about some of those eager students, and I like to help. If you know any one or any place, please let us know.

You will be surprised to hear this year's my sermon title for the commencement service of Seoul Christian University. It's "SECRET OF GOWNS." from Ephesians 4:11-12. Many people wear gowns for achievement and honor. But actually, the gowns and hoods were something that the medieval monks wore to hide from the world and to serve as servants, especially servants of Christ. Like the scriptures say "to die in order to build the body of Christ." I challenged the graduates to die for Christ, only then they are qualified to wear the gowns.

You will be surprised to hear my recent English book title. Again, it's a collection of my past Newsletters and it's entitled "CHAE'S LAST LETTERS." Actually, I do not know if it will be my last letters. Only God knows. But I just wanted to remind myself that I am ready to die for Christ. If you want a copy of it, please let me know.

Having many children like me is to have many family affairs. May wife and I have to be the parents of brides and grooms many times a year. And also my wife and I made a policy to go, attend and bless the first birthday of their children, and it is also many times a year. And having children most of whom are not rich, I have to go and find their houses among many shacks or building forest. Crowded city like SEOUL, KOREA, people usually tend to complain not having nature around, like hills, trees, birds etc. Some people feel like being boxed in by the buildings. But not so to some of our children. One of our grown up children, who live in the boxed street, said "We have great nature, right above, like sky, stars and moon." That's right, we have great handywork of God RIGHT ABOVE all of us no matter where we live!

Please pray for;

1. 2400 soldiers just baptized in Christ.

2. Cyber Bible College in Kenya, Africa

3. Graduates of Seoul Christian University ready to die for Christ.

Yours because of Calvary,


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