Sept.. 2013

My dear American Friends:

Right in front of our Children's Home chapel, there is a large picture of God parting the Red-sea through Moses. This is a picture our children chose out of many Biblical pictures. And I think I know why they chose this picture. In the heart of each and everyone of our children, there is a prayer that their future will be parted like Mose's Red sea. I often point to the picture and shout "Go ahead, WALK THROUGH IT...right in the midst of the parted sea!...There may be roaring waves in both sides of you. Wind may be blowing furiously around you. The crowd may be pushing and overpowering. The towering waves may fall over you any minutes, but walk right through the middle of it and you will make it!"

One of our children whose mother died before he came to our Home told me that the most desperate moment after her death was when he came home from school, and there was no one to whom he could run to cry. Something sad happens at school, but he could not cry until he comes Home, but there was NO MOM TO WHOM HE COULD RUN. I told him, "Now, you can cry to God, or to me if you want to." I know that I can not really take place of his diseased mother, but I know that God will be, as in the case of the prodigal son...

Sometimes, I kneel to pray, but no words come out of my lips but sigh and moaning. Sometimes, I cry on my knee for hours. I am so week, so powerless and so blinded to cope with the problems of all my children, all my students and all the Church members in addition to the problems of my own. Sometimes I wish that I had several bodies to be able to go answering all the pleas for help. No wonder Jesus had to die on the cross to save all of us. We have what we call "Fasting Prayer Garden," They are just mountains, but on that mountain, in addition to the chapel, behind every trees and every rocks, you find someone praying crying there all night. I confess that, as I am getting aged, I am visiting there more frequently.

Actually, Our children of Geon Home will have harder time as they grow out of our Home. I am afraid that our society still have some prejudice against orphans. So, our children without family background, and often without University diploma, will have hard time finding proper jobs or even the trust of the society. So, I try to give them the power of faith and of prayer and I try to run with them, praying behind them, every time when they go to job interviews or entrance examinations. And I am thankful to God that the Power of faith and prayers are working. Last year, one of our children passed to become a school teacher. And He told me that the secrets of his passing was that he quoted scriptures to some of his answers.

So, the familiarity with the scriptures is main things in our teaching of children. In addition to Sunday morning services and Wednesday evening services, we have Dawn prayer meetings everyday. You will be surprised to see how many of our children attend Dawn Prayer meetings. And especially on Wednesday evening services, I try to teach many different interesting subjects; Animals of the Bible, trees, parables, miracles, scriptures for success etc. One that was the most popular to our children was the sports of the Bible; Soccer, baseball, marathon and what not. I have been searching these interesting subjects for fifty years and I confess that I am running out of the subjects. If you have any suggestions, please let me know. Also if any of your Sunday school classes are looking for projects to help, how about collecting small STICK CANDIES. They are the favorites of our small children and I am hoping to give them one each as they come back from schools.

Our children had great a SUMMER CAMP. It was a beautiful place, and our babies had great time swimming on sand. The last night was a camp-fire night and I preached, coughing from the smoke, and by invitation, a half of our children stepped forward, coughing from the smoke, to dedicate their lives for Christ. It was a victorious camp for Christ,

Please pray for; 1. HYUN BIN, He wants to be a Christian teacher 2. Our Christian University will always be a preacher training university regardless of pressures. 3. Korean Churches will always grow as praying Christians.

Yours because of Calvary,


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