Sept.. 2014

My dear American Friends:

As a minister of the Gospel, I meet many people, especially dying people. I found that there are two kinds of dying people. One kind is the people who are afraid of the death. Another kind is the people who are not. (I have just lost a sister recently and she went to meet the Lord like a sleeping beauty.) And the difference between the two kinds of dying people is WHETHER THEY HAVE A HOUSE IN HEAVEN OR NOT.

I had the privilege of baptizing thousands of people in my life, but one baptism I shall never forget is the baptism of an aged dying school teacher many years ago. His two daughters came to Church, but he never came. He became sick of cancer and was suffering in a hospital. His wife said that he was mentally suffering also and couldn't sleep. So I went to see him. He could not even speak and I spoke loudly to his ears. "...Jesus died on the Cross for your sin. If you believe Jesus as your Saviour now, you will be saved...If you believe, repent, confess and want to be baptized, press my hand." As I said, he couldn't speak, but he heard me and pressed my hand as his tears were dribbling down his cheeks. We filled a bathtub and baptized him. He started to sleep and died in peace one week later.

The best thing that can ever happen in our lives is to MEET THE LORD. And as the THANKSGIVING season is approaching, one thing that we are thankful the most was to meet the Lord and as the ADVENT is approaching, the best Christmas gift that we ever received was the Coming of the Saviour. Many people are interested in the material gifts that they will receive on Christmas, but they should not forget the best gift that they already received. I found out the other day that Anna, the prophetess in Luke 2, met Jesus and rejoyced, at the age of eighty-four(Luke 2: 36-38), which is my Korean age in the New year. It's going to be a special year to me.

We celebrate the autumn harvest thanksgiving a little earlier than you do. It's called CHOOSUK. Everyone who can go to visit their parents and relatives, have a feast all day. Many of our grown up children come to see us ( as they have no other parents to visit) and our Home is full of them, their children, and even some grand-children, and of course, all our present children. We eat fresh crops, fruits and nuts (and they go nuts) and sing all day and night, under the full moon. Most of the Korean people thank parents and ancesters, but we thank God for His Salvation and the Blessings of the year. And we thank you for your love and gifts of love through the years. (You might like to read an article about us on the August issue of the WORLD MAGAZINE.)

My family and I plan to visit and speak at almost 30 Churches in the Northwest area of America for a month for the SCHOOLS OF MISSIONS. For a man of my age, it is not easy to drive and sleep in different beds every night. But our life in this world is journey anyway, and besides our support has been dropping and I need to speak out. I feel like running a marathon, and I am happy to run as I am running for these children, Bible students and Korean missionaries. Actually I have not had speaking furlough for many many years (more than 20 years it seems) and I feel that extensive tour may be difficult in future, but if you want me to stop in your Church sometime during my trip in your area, please let me know.

I went to see a professional baseball game with my children on August 29th. My children were thrilled to death (American expression?) and I enjoyed watching them watching the game. We witnessed number of home-runs and also many three strike outs. Those three strike outs and no ball make me disgusted especially when there were no try. That is, they should at least try to hit the ball at least once. But it gave me a good sermon material to our children that evening and I thanked God for the baseball games of our lives in this world!

Please pray for;

1. Our speaking trips and our support.

2. Four children of ours who are taking National examinations for the College entrance.

Yours because of Calvary,


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