Sept.. 2015

My dear American Friends:

We almost had a war in Korea last month, and now we still have CEASE FIRE. Actually we have had cease-fire-situation for last 65 years. And we have been fighting for the Lord all our lives! Actually we are used to emergency sirens. Perhaps our 13 babies' crying voice may even be louder than emergency sirens. Who knows, South and North Korea may be united when they hear these babies' cries!

There are two kinds of people. When they fall; those who can stand up and those who can't. And everybody falls sooner or later. People fall either by his own mistakes or the others' words or actions and SOME PEOPLE CAN STAND UP AGAIN while some can never. And I have seen planty of both kinds in my life. I have seen both kinds among our children too and there are many examples of both kinds in the Bible. Those who stood up again are like Joseph, Moses, Job etc. Job 14: 7 says "For there is hope of a tree, if it be cut down, that it will sprout again, and that the tender branch thereof will not cease.!" I have just talked with one of our children who grew out of our Home. The world was not kind to him (I am afraid that this world is usually not kind to those who have no family background). He tried everything from garvage collector to messanger boy, and he starved more than he ate. But he never lost faith and never failed to go to Church and tithe. In fact, he was discharged from his job twice because he went to Church on Sunday. And now, he is a founder of a bread factory! He stood up again!

Christians can not fail, because their goals are high. Their goal is Jesus Christ and no goals can be higher than that! In fact, they can not even fall, because Deuteronomy 33: 27 says "Underneath are the everlasing arms." They can not fail! In fact, Christians can not fall out of Christ's love. I held a funeral service of an 11 years old girl, a daughter of our Church member.. She became sick when he was five and was sick for six years in bed. She lived a kind of life that many people asked "why?" But in her last moment of her life, she smiled and called "Jesus I love you." To me, it was a TRIUMPHANT LIFE!

I have just received a news that Chinese government is not only expelling Korean missionaries,

but also they are forbidding the hanging of the Crosses on the Church building. And their police are taking down all crosses from the buildings. Of course, the Churches will continue whether they have crosses or not... like one of the Chinese believers said, "We have Crosses in our heart." The crosses are the symbol of the Son of God dying for us. It' the symbol of God's Love! and IT CONNECTS. It, particularly the vertical line connects God and human being and sideways line connects men and fellowmen (including family and friends for instance). It connects people. That's what the Cross means and does...Love for the fellow people! That's what God wants and that's what the Cross does!

And that's what the Communism do not like! They don't want people connected to each other, even family relationship! Of course, they don't want people connected to God! They want people connected only to the Party, the Communistic Party! So they try to destroy all other parties, all friends, and even families! Did you know that all North Korean families usually have one secret governmental spy among the family member and he or she secretly reports to the Party? Yes, Communists try to destroy the family and therefor they try to destroy the faith which connect the family and their faith to God! You may not believe me, but it's true!

But can they really destroy the family love! Can they really destroy their love for God! No! No! Never! And LOVE NEVER FAILS! And that's why I believe the eventual Victory of the Gospel! That's why I believe that the Love never fails! And that's why I am working and shouting and struggling, to spread this Love among Korean people, among Asian people and around the World! I know that I may die, but I will shout even after my death "Gospel is the only Hope of the World!"

Yours because of Calvary,


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