September 2016

My dear American Friends:

I received a letter, the other day, which almost brought tears to my eyes. The letter says that he has been listening to my radio sermon for 35 years. Can you imagine someone who can and has been listening to a same preacher on radio for 35 years! I have been preaching through radio since 1968 and he has been listening to the same preacher for 35 years. and he is not tired out? Actually, I am tired and sometimes I don't want to listen to myself, but he isn't. Thank God for his patience and faith!

Actually, in this world of computers, people are losing patience. People think that they can reproduce just about anything and everything through computers and modern science etc. Actually, today's experts do not want to wait for anything anymore. I gave apples to the children the other day. They ate a mouthful... and one child said, "Look! it looks like an apple mark of the computer company... while another child said "It looks like an apple Eve ate... maybe the computer ate it too.“ I said, "It grew out of an apple seed and TOOK YEARS AND YEARS until it grew to an apple tree for you!" and ”you just ate."

Last month, we took our children for a summer camp to a MOUNTAIN, RIVER AND THE FARMS!...where they grow rice for instance. They found out that they can not reproduce rice through computers. They learned that they have to wait for God's Sunshine and rain for weeks and months and years!. They learned to wait in patience for God's Grace. And then they learned also that they have to help each other to harvest.

Actually, my children and I spent a few days by a mountain and river-side. The older children went rafting and smaller children caught fish with nets and played by the riverside. We were not able to take the babies to the camp, but when we returned, we spent extra time to play and talk with them. I am afraid that our babies are extra slow learning to speak. The main reason may be, being around so many babies, they do not feel the need to speak. Actually, they have a language of their own, we call it GEONESE..

It looks like the North Korean leaders have been busy making more nuclear weapons and making more threatening remarks to scare us and all the freedom loving people of the world. I heard, one North Korean government threat "We can make your city and everyone in it ball of fire within four minutes." One of our (South Korean) Christian missionaries was caught by North Korea police and was threatened to be killed. In fact, we do not know if he is dead or alive at this moment. But no matter what happened, I know that he is still talking about God. The communists' biggest weapon of threat is to say "I will kill you." and our biggest weapon is TO DIE FOR CHRIST and be able to say "I am crucified with Jesus and it is no longer I that live but Christ who lives in me!" How can anyone win over Christians like this.

There is nothing more comforting than "Living with Christ." I guess it's more like having babies in my arms. They trust me completely, like we trust God! To me, like Paul said, "To live is Christ, and to die is also gain." Sometimes I take my problems to God; and sometimes I INVITE GOD TO MY PROBLEMS! Either way, problems are solved sooner or later. I had a friend who was dying by cancer. I used to call on him every month and I suggested that idea of inviting God to his problems. I am afraid that I missed his moment of death, but his wife told me that he went in peace. He even learned to invite Jesus in his bedside and talked with Him in prayer as he finally went to meet Him. Like one of our children, who gets scared a lot (he once got so scared when he found a cat in the drawer), said “I want God in my bed," The child said that he will not be afraid of anything when he ”sleeps with God side by side!“

Yours because of Calvary,


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