September 2017

My dear American Friends:

Our children like to treat the visitors. They like to talk with them(in Korean?), treat them and even to show them around. So, sometimes I let them lead. They show their rooms, desks, kitchen and even toilets. When the sightseeing is over, the visitors usually leave saying "good bye" or "see you again." I heard one of our boys asking back "When?" They miss visitors, they miss people. I am sure that they would like Heaven with lots of people.

Sometimes, they like to know more about their past. Some wonder if they were "abandoned" and like to know. That's why I do not like to use the word "abandoned." If I have to say it, I usually say "You were not abandoned, you are selected!" "You are the survivors, you are the winners" I like to read them such scriptures as Isaiah 43: 4. Really they are as precious as the "Lilies of the Valley" which happened to be the title of our Korean peoriodicals.

We have just celebrated the "Liberation Day" August 15. You may call it "Victory Day" as it was the day that Japan surrenderred in 1945. We call it "Liberation Day" as it was the day that we were liberated from the occupation of Japan. We were under their rule for 35 years and many thousand Korean people were captured, tortured and killed by the Japanese rulers. We were finally liberated and we were free. However, unfortunately, it is also "Division Day," because that day was the day when Korea was divided "South" and "North Korea." We have been one nation for thousands of years, but when the War ended, We did not have worldly recognizable government, besides. North Korea was already invaded by the Russian Army.

That's when and why Korea was divided to South and North Korea unfortunately, and all the problems started! North Korea was occupied by Russia and became a Communistic Country. And Communism is essentially a dictatorship that those who love freedom have to escape from. That's why some of our children's parents and grandparents had to escape and after long dangerous trips through China, eventually some children settled at Geon Christian Children's Home. Some of them were injured, and even abandoned, but they settled in our arms. We are small people, I am small, but our God's arms are wide, warm and loving! I am old and weak, but our God's arms are strong and wide. That's how our children can remain as beautiful flowers.

These days, I see not a few (drawn) pictures of ‘Jesus walking on the sea’ in the children's rooms's note book.(some of our children like to draw what I teach). I guess, it's because the world is, particularly Korea is, in the brink of war and I preach not a few sermons of Jesus and Peter in the storm...some drowning Peter, but mostly Peter holding the Hand of Jesus. I guess, we need Jesus' Hands more than anytime before. In fact, one child drew even a Korean flag in the hand of Peter, I guess, he wanted Jesus' attention more in the Korean situation. No matter what happens, we are with Christ and He is always victorious!

You probably know my favorite scripture. It's Romans 8: 31-39. I memorized it when I was in the Jr. High. at the time of Japanese occupasion and it gave me victory. It gave me victory when Korean War started and we were occupied by the Communists. It gave me victory when my father was killed, it gave me victory numerous times when problems overwhelmned me like tsunami! And it will give me victory when I go to meet my Lord Jesus! Romans 8.35 says " Who shall separate us from the Love of Christ? shall tribulation, or distress, or persecution, or famine, or nakedness, or peril, or sword?...Nay, in all these things we are more than conquerors through Christ Who Loves us!" I realize that I am not young and I don't have power any more. But I still have the Power of faith in God and I am planning to keep on working with the power which God keeps supplying to me. But I need your prayers!

Yours because of Calvary,


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