September 2018

My dear American Friends:

We have a boy called Park Sahn (Sahn means “mountain” in Korea. I usually give them names of the great nature like “mountain” or “river”). Last month, he stepped on something and broke toe (Having more than 60 children, something happens everyday). The doctors treated him and put him on the crutches for awhile. He was sad because we were planning to go to summer camp and he might miss it. But we took him anyway and he was glad. Actually, he became popular among the children…everybody wanted to touch his crutches and even use it for awhile. Actually, he was proud as the owner of the crutch and wouldn’t let just anybody to touch it. Would you like to touch it?

Sometimes, as we are aging, we are saddened by the sickness and aches here and there. But perhaps they are necessary in the way of our spiritual growth. Actually, sometimes the pain is necessary in the course of our spiritual healing. When I read of the pain of Job in the Bible, I didn’t quite understand God’s scolding after Restoration (Job Chapter 38 and following). But perhaps God was teaching Job that the pain was necessary for Job to understand God’s great Love, like the pain we go through in the course of our lives. The pain was necessary in the course of our spiritual growth! In order to understand and to be closer to God, even pain is necessary! I thank God that I began to understand and even enjoy some of my pain after Park Sahn’s accident.

Actually, I am feeling much better and preaching more. I am busy speaking especially to the people and Churches who listen to our Gospel radio broadcasting. Many of our listeners are in the hospital. Sometimes, I am invited to the hospital and cry with a crowd of patients for awhile.

I also speak on Peace and Love to the crowd who escaped from North Korea. The other day, I spoke to a crowd of preachers on Peace on the day of Peace sanctioned by the UN. Did you know that this universal Day of Peace was sanctioned by the UN by the decision and recommendation of a bunch of Korean University presidents? I spoke at the camp site where there were the most severe battles during the Korean War. And I plan to keep on preaching PEACE to North and South Korea and to the whole world as long as my breath last. I lost my mother during the Second World War and lost my father during the Korean War when I was only 9 and 19. So I shall be preaching peace as long as my breath last.

I was reading Psalm 77 the other day. It was talking about the great path God made in the Red Sea to save His people from Pharoah’s great Army. But Psalmist only called it “small path.” Perhaps, all this pain and ache that we have to go through in our lives is only “small path” in the way of Salvation!

The other day, I was taking a walk with some of our smaller children. I found one little girl talk with flowers. I asked “Can you talk with flowers?” And she answered “I hear them talk all the time.” I listened to her and even listened to the flowers! I think that its very good idea talking with flowers. Ever since, I learned to talk with flowers and even cry to flowers too. I hope that our children learn to walk and talk with God’s great nature, especially when times are tough!

“Record my lament; list my tears on your scroll. Are they not in your scroll?” Ps. 56:8

P.S. I am enclosing a picture of our children experiencing digging potatoes.

Yours because of Calvary,


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